Is The Callisto Protocol on Game Pass?

Jacob speaking to an ally in The Callisto Protocol.

With the new survival horror game almost upon us, players are desperate to know whether The Callisto Protocol is on Game Pass. With so many triple-A releases landing day-one on Microsoft's bespoke subscription service, it's no surprise that questions are bounding across the internet.

In this guide, we'll break down whether The Callisto Protocol is coming to Xbox Game Pass or not. On top of that, we'll explore whether it may eventually land on the service or not, to help players decide whether to pick it up at launch or hold out for a bit longer.

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Is The Callisto Protocol coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Sadly, The Callisto Protocol will not be arriving on Xbox Game Pass at launch. With less than a week to go until the game's release, there's no information to suggest that Striking Distance Studios' debut game will release on the service.

Given how high-profile a game The Callisto Protocol is, we definitely would've known by now if it was going to Game Pass on day-one. Microsoft tends to announce big releases a good few weeks or even months in advance, so the fact we've not heard anything yet is telling.

As such, if you're an Xbox or PC gamer excited for The Callisto Protocol, don't expect to see it in your Game Pass subscription upon release.

A monster lurking in a hallway in The Callisto Protocol.
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Will The Callisto Protocol ever release on Game Pass?

That said, you can never say never as to a future release for The Callisto Protocol on Game Pass. Big third-party games are constantly landing on Game Pass long after their original release, so there's no way of ruling it out. However, the chances are if The Callisto Protocol does arrive on Game Pass, it won't be for a good while.

That said, previous games from Krafton, the publisher of The Callisto Protocol, have landed on Game Pass. Notably, PUBG: Battlegrounds, their biggest game to date, was on the service as recently as January 2022. If Krafton has a pre-established relationship with Game Pass, it could add The Callisto Protocol down the line, for an uptick in players after the initial release.

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