Dead Space remake EA Play - Will it be free at launch?

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Isaac Clarke and Hammond examining a ship in the Dead Space remake.
January 26, 2023: Dead Space Remake is out tomorrow so we may have more information on it soon

The Dead Space remake is due out very soon. It's a faithful retelling of Isaac Clarke's journey as he boards the USG Ishimura in order to find his girlfriend Nicole, surrounded by by undead monsters. As it's being developed by EA's Motive Studio, it would only make sense to be able to play Dead Space Remake on EA Play Pro.


EA Play is a subscription-based service from EA. It offers a large library of games for you to play in return for a monthly fee. It's not the only company in the market to offer this kind of service, but it could be the only one to host the Dead Space remake.

For more news on the Dead Space remake, check out our article on why they made changes to the plasma cutter and pulse rifle before launch. For those of you who have access to the Deluxe content, we have a guide on how to change between all of your new suits. Finally, we have a guide on how to save Hammond in the Dead Space Remake, for all of you altruistic players out there.

Dead Space Remake EA Play - Will it be free at launch?

The screen where you can sign up for EA Play Pro for £14.99 a month, 'join to get unlimited access to Dead Space and an evolving library of top titles.'
Credit: EA Play
You can choose how you want to play Dead Space Remake on EA Play

The Dead Space remake will be available to play on launch through the EA Play service, but only to those on the EA Play Pro tier.

If you are currently accessing EA Play through your Game Pass subscription, then you will need to upgrade to the Play Pro tier if you want to access Dead Space through this service.

Alternatively, you can buy it outright on any of the platforms that it's available on. Dead Space remake is being released on Steam, Epic Games, EA, Xbox Series X, and PS5 on January 27th.

EA Play EA Play Pro
Price£3.99 a month £19.99 a year£14.99 a month £89.99 a year
Play new releases up to 10 days before launchPlay a select library of games for up to 10 hours eachUnlimited
Access to all of EA's latest gamesPlay a select library of games for up to 10 hours eachUnlimited
Access to Dead Space Remake on launch with no extra costNoYes

As many titles are shared between EA and Xbox Game Pass, it's likely that we will see the game available there at some point in the future. We have an article explaining whether Dead Space Remake will be available on Game Pass on launch, for everyone who uses the service.

All of the suits that are available for EA Play Pro users to wear in Dead Space Remake.
Credit: EA Play
The anodized suit does look kind of clean, to be fair.

There is one more incentive to play Dead Space through the EA App. For those of you who play the game through the EA Play Pro system, you will be given access to the Digital Deluxe content. This allows you to pick between three new suits and three new textures. One of these textures is only available to EA Play Pro users, so if you want to terrorise necromorphs in the Anodized Suit, you'll need to sign up.


That's it for our look at whether the Dead Space remake will be on EA Play! For even more on the game, check out if Isaac will talk in the game, and if you need Origin to play the game on PC.