Do you need Origin for Dead Space remake on PC?

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Isaac Clarke stood in a smoky hallway in the Dead Space remake.

With the remake of Dead Space fast approaching its much-anticipated release, PC gamers have some questions. Primarily they want to know whether you need Origin to play the Dead Space remake on PC, which is a logical assumption given it's a game published by EA.

In this guide, we'll explain whether you need Origin downloaded to play the Dead Space remake, or if it's available on PC by other means. That way, you can determine whether you're prepared to dive into the intergalactic horror once again.


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Do I need Origin to play the Dead Space remake on PC?

Fortunately, you don't need an Origin account to play the Dead Space remake. While lots of EA games have previously relied on the Origin platform as the bespoke PC launcher, that's not the case for the Dead Space remake.

Instead, it's available on all the usual PC storefronts and launchers you'd expect. Therefore, you can add the game to your Steam library, as well as its competitors like the Epic Games Store. As such, provided you use one of those popular clients, you'll be ready to play the Dead Space remake as-is.


This isn't much of a surprise though, because EA has quietly phased out Origin from its PC gaming repertoire. It's been rebranded and reimagined into an overall EA app, which lets you purchase and launch games from your desktop. You can get Dead Space via that route, but as mentioned, it's available on other PC storefronts as well.

As such, the Dead Space remake will be available on Steam as well as other PC launchers. No matter what you use, this reimagined horror hit should be accessible!

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