How to change difficulty in Dead Space remake

Isaac Clarke from Dead Space Remake killing a necromorph

Isaac Clarke from Dead Space Remake killing a necromorph
January 27, 2023: Dead Space Remake has finally launched so we have gone over our information

If you're looking forward to the game and want to know how to change difficulty in Dead Space remake, here is everything we know so far. Being quite a challenging game, you may want to think about your options before you start.

As well as going over how to change it, we go through what we know about the difficulties so far and a few tips to make the Dead Space remake a little easier. This should serve as a base of knowledge to help you accurately identify the best difficulty.

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How do I change difficulty in Dead Space remake?

As of right now, we don't have official confirmation of how the difficulty system will work in Dead Space remake. This being said, we have a good guess based on the original game. In the original Dead Space, you chose your difficulty at the start of the game and this determined how your playthrough would go.

You had this option but couldn't change it after the fact. This is likely the case so players couldn't "cheat" the platinum trophy or achievement for beating the game on hard mode by swapping to it at the last minute. With the modern remake, it seems likely they will do away with this, letting you swap at will. We will update you as soon as we know.

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How many difficulties does the Dead Space remake have?

Though we don't know all of what the Dead Space remake has to offer, we know the original game had four central difficulty modes:

  • Easy - This is the easiest mode in the game, granting the player more resources and easier fights. If you are unfamiliar with survival horror, this is the mode you should pick.
  • Medium - Considered the default, this is good for someone who knows survival horror and wants a challenge but doesn't want to struggle too hard getting through the game. This will punish mistakes but it still pretty lenient.
  • Hard - The hardest difficulty available to you from the start, this is designed to challenge both your skills and ability to plan out resources. This will be tough.
  • Impossible - This is the toughest difficulty in the entire game and can only be accessed by beating it once on another difficulty. Item drops are incredibly rare but you can start it with the suit worn to beat the previous save.

How to make Dead Space remake easier

Generally speaking, you want to always pay attention to your surroundings. On the harder difficulties, you will not be given enough ammo to take down all the enemies so you want to use walls and stomps to corner your enemies and get the most out of your resources.

You want to pay attention to when there are large corridors or open areas. Use these by making enemies follow you. Once here, you will have plenty of room to move around, making punches and stomps just a little easier. Generally, you should avoid impossible mode if you haven't beaten the game on hard. Much of what will keep you safe is trial and error, and simply learning the best path in each encounter.

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