How to heal and use med packs in Dead Space remake

Isaac witnessing a crewmate be killed by a necromorph in the Dead Space remake

Isaac witnessing a crewmate be killed by a necromorph in the Dead Space remake

Survival horror games are all about managing your resources. You'll want to make sure you have just enough ammo and health to take on the next horror. If you are finally playing it and wondering how to use med packs in Dead Space remake, this is everything you should know.

Given the health system in the Dead Space remake is pretty unique, this guide will explore what you need to do to heal, how to find med packs, and how to upgrade your health. If you are struggling with your health and find yourself dying consistently, this should help you get through the next fight.

If you want to know even more about Dead Space, here are all the changes to look out for in the remake. We've also got a look at whether the game is coming to Game Pass, as well as how to toggle between quality and performance modes.

How to use med packs and heal in Dead Space remake

If you manage to find a med pack and have room for it in your inventory, there are two central ways you can use them. First, you could opt to make your way into your inventory and click the action button to use it. This will slow things down though, so there's a quicker way of doing so.

You can quickly use a med pack if you have one by clicking Circle on PlayStation, B on Xbox, or Q on Windows. This will use it instantly, and is particularly effective if you're close to death. Med packs restore a decent chunk of health depending on which one you're using, so don't use them unless you really need to.

Isaac in his rig with Hammond in Dead Space remake
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How to find med packs in Dead Space remake

Med packs can be found all throughout the map. Generally, the best ways of finding them is by stomping any enemies you find and destroying all boxes around the area. As you start to get further into the game, you will find lockers that can be opened depending on your security clearance level.

As well as all of this, you can use credits to purchase small, medium, and large med packs from stores dotted around the Ishimura. They cost quite a lot though, so you're better off finding them out in the wild.

How to upgrade health in Dead Space remake

If you're looking to upgrade your health, you do so with the aforementioned power nodes. You have to find them throughout the ship, where you can upgrade your RIG at any of the game's upgrade benches. You probably shouldn't focus all of your resources on upgrading your health though as you have plenty of weapons to upgrade throughout the game as well.

You want to make sure your full HP is a bit higher than the damage current enemies can do. As well as this, make sure to upgrade your guns throughout the game. This will allow you to spend less ammo taking enemies down, making the game just a little easier.

Now that you know how the game's health system works, we've got plenty of others guides. Check out how to change suits in the Dead Space remake, some games like Dead Space, and how to beat the Hive Mind boss fight. There is truly so much to learn here, 15 years after the original game's release.

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