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Three horror game characters - a monster-looking one, a golden robot, and a sceptical man.

Three horror game characters - a monster-looking one, a golden robot, and a sceptical man.

This week will finally see the highlight anticipated release of Dead Space, the remake of the beloved sci-fi horror title that was originally released back in 2008 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Developed by Motive Studios, they're attempting to recapture and build upon the gore, scares, and suspense as Isaac Clarke explores the seemingly abandoned spaceship, the Ishimura.

While fans of the original Electronic Arts series will be excited to see if this can live up to the original game that started it all, there are plenty of other remakes and horror titles that some may not have previously considered checking out while others may have thought were a no brainer if they're looking for more of the same.

Some may have gone on to become successful entries in the genre in their own right, while others attempted to try something new or became cult classics. Regardless, these are just some of the best games like 2023's Dead Space.

A Returnal character in a space suit looks at the camera
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The PlayStation exclusive will soon be released for PC this February, giving more gamers an opportunity to pick up this rogue-like shooter. Introducing everyone to astronaut Selene Vassos, it's up to the player to guide her through the strange planet of Atropos where she must face off against hostile aliens while solving the mystery surrounding her past deaths.

Despite the rogue-like focus of the game, its third-person shooter approach as well as its unique variety of weapons will easily scratch that same itch that EA's remake provides. But Returnal will also offer plenty of challenges for those who may have felt the Necromoprhs and other monstrosities in Dead Space may not have been enough of an obstacle for them.

A demon from DOOM (2016) decked out in armour attacks.
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Doom (2016)

Perhaps regarded as one of the greatest reboots in recent memory, id Software and Bethesda Softworks attempted to reinvent the retro shooter for a new generation. The result? Not also did it quickly become one of the best games of the year, but spawned a brand new series as Doom Slayer faces off against waves of demons from hell in the best-looking games yet.

Despite being in a first-person perspective rather than third-person, those few who have yet to play it will be in for a treat as they can expect carnage and gory final kills that make it all the more satisfying to play through. It may not be as dramatic nor serious in its tone, but it doesn't stop it from being another fun and over-the-top game that's worth experiencing.

A screenshot of a group of characters from The Thing Video Game
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The Thing

Horror film enthusiasts will have undoubtedly seen one of John Carpenter's greatest films, 1982's The Thing. Starring Kurt Russell and Keith David, a team of researchers in Antarctica unknowingly discover an alien lifeform that has the ability to change its shape and slowly kills each member one by one.

In 2002, a video game was released for the PS2 and original Xbox that acted as a sequel to the original film. A team of U. S. Special Forces are sent to the Antarctic base to find the missing research team, only to become the new prey for the shape-shifting, man-eating alien.

Considering how the aliens mutate the flesh of their human hosts, it's no surprise to see similarities between Dead Space and Carpenter's cinematic masterpiece. The Thing video game may not be as easily purchasable today compared to the other entries on the list, but it's both a great example of a film tie-in and a great game that predates the Dead Space series' key features.

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Jacob Lee from The Callisto Protocol looks concerned.
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The Callisto Protocol

This should come as no surprise to any Dead Space fan to see this game added to the list. Released just last month, The Callisto Protocol introduced players to Jacob Lee, a prisoner in the future who must fight off against infected inmates after a virus has started to spread across the entire facility on a distant moon.

By looking at some of the gameplay videos of this title, it's no surprise to learn that this was directed by Glen Schofield, one of the people who created Dead Space, as its combat and setting look all too familiar. Despite having negative press upon its release, Schofield's team have continued to patch and improve the experience with updates. Hopefully, the game can live up to Dead Space's legacy, but until then, fans might want to check this title now that it's had some time to receive some much-needed improvements.

Yu from Prey (2017) stands wearing glowing headgear and a space suit.
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Prey (2017)

Another brilliant reboot on this list, 2017's Prey should not be missed for those that like their sci-fi games filled with fright and fun gameplay. Playing as a scientist named Morgan Yu, she must explore a space station while avoiding the capture of Typhon, an alien with the ability to transform into various objects.

As it was developed by Arkane Studios, the same team responsible for the Dishonored series, it's no surprise that the game was positively received by critics and fans alike. There may be no mutated humans or disgusting set pieces, but it's a mystery and suspense will be more than enough for those that are looking for more of the same that they received from the original Dead Space or its remake. It is one of many prime examples of blending brilliant gameplay to explore a gorgeous and dangerous sci-fi world with a threat unlike anything seen before.

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