Netflix Might Be Working on a Dishonored Project

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A Netflix Dishonored series could be in the works, a new report from Giant Freaking Robot says, though much is still unclear around the project — including whether it even exists.

The publication cites a "trusted and proven source" for their information. No other sources have confirmed a Dishonored TV series is in production yet, however, and the outlet has a mixed track record of previous scoops.

Sometimes, GFR gets information ahead of time, though publishes other reports as exclusives at the same time additional outlets, such as Variety, publish their own scoops.


However, it's not the first time the possibility of a Dishonored series popped up.

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Netflix Might Be Working on a Dishonored Project

Breaking Bad and Lord of the Rings (Amazon) writer Gennifer Hutchison previously expressed interest in creating a Dishonored TV series.

Arkane said Dishonored is "resting" in 2018 and currently has Deathloop and Redfall to busy itself with.


A Dishonored TV show could keep the franchise relevant while Arkane continues expanding its portfolio, and it fits with Netflix's recent patterns as well.

The streaming giant is producing multiple series based on game franchises, including Splinter Cell, and Resident Evilin addition to adjacent series, including The Witcher and its animated spinoff.

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