How to toggle Dead Space remake quality and performance mode

Isaac walking through a smoky cavern in the Dead Space remake.
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Horror games often have a unique visual appeal. When the monsters chasing you look particularly good, it can add to a great scare. If you're finally playing the game for yourself and wondering how to toggle the Dead Space remake quality and performance mode, this is what you should know.

The Dead Space remake has tight controls, all the better for chopping off a Necromorph's limbs. If you're struggling with some stutter or frame drops, it may be worth cranking the game all the way up to 60 FPS. We'll go over this and what the difference between the two modes really means.

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What are the Dead Space remake performance and quality modes?

There are two central modes you can choose on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X: performance mode and quality mode. They are different ways of playing the game and serve different purposes.

The performance mode, as the name suggests, favours performance. It turns down the resolution and visual quality of the game, in order to run it at 60 frames per second. Generally speaking, this will give you a smoother experience but won't look quite as nice. If you're looking to just get screenshots, this isn't the mode for you. If you want to get video clips, this is what you should opt for. You won't get ray tracing here.

Quality mode gives you the game at 30 FPS in 4K resolution with ray tracing. This will make the game look pretty much as good as it can on the current hardware, but won't be quite as smooth in motion. 30 FPS isn't a bad frame cap but you should probably skip this if you're used to running your games in 60 FPS.

Dead Space remake performance and quality mode toggle in the settings menu.
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How to toggle between performance and quality modes in Dead Space remake

Toggling between the two modes is pretty easy. Simply press the start button and go into the main menu. From here, you go into Settings, then Display and Graphics. Finally, performance mode is a toggle that you can just flip on and off. Alternatively, if this is not working for some reason, you can generally change the performance settings of games through the PlayStation home menu, by going into the settings.

Though it should automatically change between modes when you toggle it, if you're getting increased stuttering after you do it, try turning the game off and on again. This should solve any problems you come across.

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