Is Dead Space remake co-op?

Isaac fighting alongside a co-op partner in Dead Space 3.
January 27, 2023: Dead Space remake is finally out now

If you're wondering whether the Dead Space remake is co-op, you're in the right place. Isaac Clarke's reimagined trip to interstellar hell is almost upon us, and players are desperate to know whether they can dive into the action with a friend.

In this guide, we'll break down whether the Dead Space remake has a co-op component or not. Given the franchise's controversial history with multiplayer gameplay, it's a subject that is bound to conjure up debate among the community.

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Can you play co-op in Dead Space remake?

As it stands, the Dead Space remake will not have any sort of co-op component. Checking the official Steam page reveals that it is classified as single-player only, so don't get your hopes up for multiplayer carnage.

This doesn't come as much of a surprise, however. The 2008 original upon which this remake is based is also a single-player title, so it makes sense for that to translate directly across here. Given it aims to be a nerve-shredding survival horror experience, it makes sense to be one-player only.

However, the Dead Space series does have a precarious history with co-op. The much-maligned Dead Space 3 added two-player co-op, with Isaac fighting necromorphs alongside a partner. This was criticised by fans for veering too much into action, betraying the series' terrifying roots.

Therefore, the Dead Space remake is solo as it stands, and is bound to remain that way. Potential sequels may change that, but for now Isaac has to tackle the necromorphs alone.

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