Dead Space remake Hive Mind boss fight guide

Isaac firing at the Hive Mind's exposed torso in Dead Space remake

Isaac firing at the Hive Mind's exposed torso in Dead Space remake

Dead Space is a game known for its creepy enemies. If you are approaching the end of the game and wondering how to defeat the Hive Mind boss in Dead Space remake, here is everything we know so far and a couple of tips to help you out.

Dead Space can be a pretty difficult game, even on the easiest modes. Having to hoard resources and play the environment strategically, this will serve as a base of knowledge to help you out with such a creepy fight.

If you're looking for more information on the game before you look into the fight, here's whether or not we think the Dead Space remake will come to Xbox Game Pass, how to toggle between quality and performance modes, and how many chapters are in the game.

How to defeat Hive Mind in Dead Space remake

Before you go into the Hive Mind boss fight, you want to conserve as much ammo as you possibly can. Try and take on other enemies with melee and your worst weapons. As well as this, find a workbench and upgrade your gear. Fortunately, both of these can be found in the last save room before the fight, giving you the perfect chance to use your last nodes. There are ammo and health pickups in the corridor prior to this room too, so you should have a good amount of resources.

There a handful of phases the boss goes through. Initially, it spew out glowing orbs and screech to detonate them. While the Hive Mind screeches, it'll unveil glowing spots in its own mouth to shoot. Rinse and repeat this process to finish the first phase.

Next, the Hive Mind takes a backseat to spawn in one last surge of necromorphs to do its bidding. Your best bet is to use the energy cannon on these, mowing them down with ease. At this point, you'll also want to grab all the items left on the floor, because the Hive Mind breaks plenty of resource boxes strewn around.

With the horde of necromorphs dead, there's one main phase left. This time around, the Hive Mind spews out toxic slime, leaving you trapped on one side of the arena. Then it'll use both its tentacles to slam down and hit you. Your best bet is to run in a small circle, since it can't quite account for your movements. After each burst it opens up again, revealing six more glowing spots. Try and destroy one per each wave of acid and slamming.

When you've managed to destroy those sacs, there's one last thing to do. The Hive Mind will desperately grab your leg, suspending Isaac in mid-air. Fortunately this exposes one last glowing sac, but shooting it is hard given your accuracy is impeded while swinging around in mid-air. Even better, the game gives you access to a Pulse Rifle with unlimited ammo, so you can spray and pray. Land enough shots on that last tendril, and the fight ends.

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Isaac witnessing the Hive Mind emerge for a fight in the Dead Space remake.
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What are the rewards for defeating Hive Mind?

Unlike other bosses in the Dead Space remake, you get a good few rewards for beating the Hive Mind. These technically come as a result of finishing the game, but given this is almost the last thing you do, it makes sense.

To celebrate Isaac's survival, the game grants you 50,000 credits, ten nodes, a bunch of text logs, a Level 6 suit, and access to New Game Plus. This sets you up perfectly to dive back into the Ishimura for another playthrough.

Now that you know how to beat the Hive Mind, you may be looking for even more information on the Dead Space remake. If you're wondering if you can run it on better settings, here are the Dead Space remake system requirements. For when you unlock the New Game Plus suit, here's how to change suits in Dead Space remake.

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