Coral Island Blacksmith - Location, shop, and upgrades

Coral Island Blacksmith

Coral Island Blacksmith

It's time to take a look at the Coral Island Blacksmith services and where it is located. Every budding town needs a blacksmith, especially one that has a brand new farmer moving in, and it can be a little tricky to work your way into the Blacksmith shop when quests and cutscenes hold you back.

The Coral Island Blacksmith shop is run by brothers Pablo and Rafael and is your go-to place for all things tool-related. They sell things, provide equipment upgrades, and can crack open mysterious items you find while digging up your farm or mining. More will be added to their business as the game progresses, but for now, here's what we can get early on.

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Where is the Coral Island Blacksmith location?

The blacksmith is located just a little north of the centre of town, right by the graveyard. It is closed on Sundays and is open from 9 AM to 2 PM every day other than that.

The quickest way to get to the blacksmith is to head out of the top path of your farm to the left of your cabin and follow the path to the right, into town. You'll be on the path above the town hall, where the graveyard is - turn left and you'll get to the blacksmith in no time.

Coral Island Blacksmith map
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What is in the Coral Island Blacksmith shop?

At this early stage in the game, you can purchase the following from the blacksmith's shop:

  • Coal - 90 Coins
  • Bronze ore - 100 Coins
  • Silver ore - 250 Coins
  • Gold ore - 800 Coins

There are more slots for other items, which may be unlocked later in the game or added further along in the game's release. As it is still in early access, we don't have all the features available to us.

The blacksmith brothers can also crack open Coffers and Geodes for 20 Coins each. These can be found by hoeing the ground, mining rocks, and harvesting other items. They contain artefacts that can be donated to the museum or some crafting components.

It is likely that weapons will be forged or upgraded here too, but we might need to wait for this feature as well.

Coral Island Blacksmith
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What upgrades are available at the Coral Island Blacksmith?

Players can upgrade their tools at the blacksmith. This includes farming tools like the watering can, hoe, and pick. They can be upgraded using Bronze, Silver and Gold ore to improve the quality and reach of the tools.

This costs a few thousand coins for each upgrade, for each tool, so can cost quite a lot. Better get farming those crops to cash in!

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