Coral Island characters - Romance and marriage batchelors and bachelorettes

Coral Island characters
October 13, 2022: We've added a few notes to the Coral Island character list on who you can date and marry.

The latest wholesome life-sim game is nearly available, and it's time we take a look at all the Coral Island characters list to work out which of the Coral Island datable batchelors and bachelorettes you'll set your sights on. Like so many other life sim games to come out lately, the allure of this one is bound to be the myriad romance options available.

Within the game, there is a robust roster of characters, featuring a fair few 'marriage candidates', that players can get to know and eventually romance and spend their lives with. There's someone for everyone, and each Coral Island character has their own backstory and fleshed-out personality. Let's take a look at who you can meet.

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Coral Island characters list - Every bachelor you can date and marry


Sandy-haired Ben lives in a caravan in the nearby forest. He moves around a lot and acts as a merchant on the weekends. He's a big music fan loves green tea.


Charles is the town doctor. He can be found in the tavern or socializing with other islanders when he isn't at work. He's a redhead that loves burritos, but be careful - bad luck seems to follow him.


A Coral Island native, Noah only left to attend university. Now, he runs the Tavern and appreciates walks on the beach and good cooking.


He runs Socket Electronics to make his own name, away from his family's wealthy reputation. Luke can be found at the Beach Shack in his downtime sampling seafood.

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Pablo constantly smiling. He's a true romantic and is looking for that special person to spend time with... when he isn't working as a blacksmith for the island.


Alongside Pablo, his brother, Rafael runs the blacksmith shop. He's not seen out a lot, except when he pops into the electronics store or the Inn for a drink.


Scott is the island's Archeologist. He hails from the city but has gotten used to the island life. You can often find him drinking coffee and listening to jazz.


Kenny is the island's rancher, who lives just outside of town. He is a true friend to animals, and he plays the flute!


Theo is an outdoorsy guy, who works as a fisherman, and is a frequent performer at the Tavern. Though he may not be the best, he has spirit, and you can't fault that.


Having graduated in marine biology, Surya now finds himself on Coral Island doing a fellowship. He spends his time on the beach hanging with his friends.


Son of the local boat driver, he can be found near his house by the pier or in the Tavern. He boasts a good sense of fashion, and loves the spring season.


Another mystery character is Mark. His bio remains blank for now, but we meet him in the first week when he introduces himself to the player. He seems uptight, but we're sure this hard exterior can be melted.


Raj is obsessed with coffee. He runs the coffee stand next to the Tavern, and he talks about it constantly.

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Coral Island characters list - Every bachelorette you can date and marry


Lily is a career girl at heart, who chooses to remain with her family, she can be found in the library or house-sitting for a friend in the Abandoned Villa.


The Yoga instructor at the community centre is Leah - she's living at The Mansion with her family. She wants to be an influencer and is a big fan of designer clothes.


Alice and her twin Suki run the Coral Inn. Here you'll meet a lot of people, but don't overlook the owners! Note that she doesn't like pizza, so plan your dates accordingly.


The baker at the General Store is Eva. Her dream is to travel one day, and she's a sunny person who talks to everyone.


Macy lives full-time at the Inn after moving from a nearby island. She's an artist and photographer and could be persuaded to stay on Coral Island for a good reason...


Millie lives on Garden Lane with her housemate Yuri. She works at the library and is a big part of the local community.


Nina visits her vacation home on Coral Island occasionally. She's a mystery thanks to leaving suddenly, but you can dig a little deeper if you try.


Alice's twin is Suki, who helps runs Coral Inn. She's sadly a recent divorcee and is learning to get back on her feet and form a good relationship with her child.


One of the island's medical team is Yuri. She has green hair and tattoos, and often plays chess.


Zarah is a Coral Island native and works as a treasure hunter. She's quite mysterious, and can be hard to track down.


Not much is known about Aaliyah so far other than her appearance, and that she enjoys being outdoors and exercising.


Chaem appears to be a local volleyball player, and can come across as a little rude if you meet her in the Tavern.

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Are there secret characters in Coral Island?

After the Coral Island developers revealed the full character list on Twitter ahead of its release, a few potentially secret characters were spotted among them.

On the second image they revealed, three unused slots with question marks for names were visible, suggesting secret Coral Island characters are in the game, or more are set to be added through updates.

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