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The wholesome game genre has taken off, and there are so many titles that we're eagerly awaiting. Here's what we know about Ikonei Island release date, and what further updates the game can expect.

Snowcastle Games, creators of the Earthlock world, have now released their latest title: Ikonei Island. It is an adventure filled with things to do like crafting, ranching, and socialising, and is set on an island with a vast biodiverse climate.

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Ikonei Island release date

After releasing on August 18, Ikonei Island is actually available in early access now, but the full Ikonei Island release date is a ways off yet.

Snowcastle Games plan on a full 1.0 version of the game releasing in early 2023, but this will depend on the game's development and any feedback gained from early players.

When the game hits its full release, there will be more features, but the price will likely go up a little to reflect the content updates. That's typical of Steam Early Access titles.

What are the Ikonei Island platforms?

Ikonei Island will release across a few different platforms; including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox consoles, and Microsoft Windows via Steam.

Unlike Thymesia, a recent indie Soulslike game, Ikonei Island won't skip previous generation consoles and will come to Nintendo Switch natively as opposed to through the system's Cloud delivery service. Because of the early access period, however, the first Ikonei Island platform to gain access is PC through Steam.

What is Ikonei Island?

Ikonei Island brings in elements from all our favourite games like Animal Crossing, but with more exploration, plot, and combat thrown in for good measure. You can explore every part of the island; including the snowy mountains, the rainforest filled with life, and even pirate camps.

You can easily get stuck into the gameplay as it features addictive cycles of discovering new areas, fixing things up, and fighting some enemies to clear dangerous areas and gather up the resources you need to make the island your own.

Ikonei Island screenshot
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There are four areas that are specific to different crafting mechanics and over 100 items to customise your farm and island the way you want to. And that's just in the early access version!

Creatures will be your key as you explore the land; you can rescue them and build friendships with them, too while you make your house a home and farm to your heart's content.

Is Ikonei Island Earthlock 2?

The Earthlock world started with a game of the same name and has since sprouted some offshoots based in the same world. Ikonei Island is one of these. Earthlock itself is a 3D RPG inspired by the classics of the 1990s, but with fresh graphics and a new breath of life.

Unlike Earthlock, however, Ikonei Island takes inspiration from popular laid-back games like Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley: life simulation games with very relaxed rules, simple gameplay, and plenty of character. The developers announced in the past that Earthlock 2 would release in 2022, suggesting that Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure is very much Earthlock 2 in everything but name.

That's all we know about Ikonei Island so far - while you wait for the game to release in full, check out the latest news on The Sims 5, for another much-anticipated simulator game, and Coral Island, a similar and social-centred game coming to Steam.

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