GTA Definitive Edition Reportedly Took "Over Two Years" To Develop

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Rockstar is preparing to launch Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition later this month. Offering a host of graphical and visual changes, the package collates three classic entries from the PS2-era: GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas.

These changes were handled by Rockstar Games' partner developer, Grove Street Games. As noticed by Game Rant, the studio's LinkedIn page indicates that this remastered set has been in development for over two years.


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GTA Definitive Edition Reportedly Took "Over Two Years" To Develop

Grove Street's CEO, Thomas Williamson, commented on the studio's initial announcement post, hinting at the development cycle for the remastered package:

Seeing lots of happy players in response to my latest project's announcement. It's been over two years of hard quiet effort with the wonderful folks at Rockstar Games. What a great reception!

Grove Street has a strong relationship with Rockstar Games, having previously ported Max Payne, Bully, and all three GTA games within the Definitive Edition before. As such, it's no surprise they're behind this latest endeavour.

Despite their lack of involvement, Rockstar may have their eyes set on GTA 6 currently. We've seen leaks suggest the sequel's possible inclusion of an evolving map, destructible environments, and a leading police officer character. Music mogul, Dr. Dre, is speculated to be leading the sixth instalment's soundtrack.

Elsewhere, GTA Online continues to impress fans following its latest big summer expansion in Los Santos Tuners. After incurring a spooky Halloween event, it's clear that the multiplayer experience has plenty to offer for years to come.