GTA Online Player Claims to Have Hit Level 750 in Only Two Years

A promo screenshot for GTA V.
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

A promo screenshot for GTA V.
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

The long and storied existence of GTA Online, which has lasted almost a decade at this point, has given the most hardcore players a chance to invest obscene amounts of playtime into the Los Santos sandbox.

The result of all of those hours whittled away grinding heists and fighting griefers is often a boatload of spare cash being left to rot after every jet and supercar in the game has been added to the collections of these GTA elite.

One other side effect of GTA addiction is players hitting obscenely high levels, with one player in particular having ruffled a few feathers on Reddit with a post about their lofty rank.

Players Left in Shock by Progress of GTA Powerleveller

The thread concerning this in the GTA Online subreddit began with user crisformage7 sharing an image of their character standing atop the Diamond Casino and captioning it: “after two years of playing, I have reached level 750.”

A number of fellow players responded to this reveal in disbelief, with tarheels8293 saying: “two years? I’ve been playing since the game was launched and I am barely at 525” and Due-Acanthocephala43 agreeing: “same here, on and off since launch and I’m only around 450.”

Others were sceptical of the feat’s validity, with user c115_kb_uk stating: “show time played or it didn't happen” and USASXII asking: “what did you do to farm reputation points?”, prompting the reveal that crisformage7 has 200 days worth of playtime in the game and has been grinding one of Simeon’s repossession missions.

Some players were less concerned about how the feat had been accomplished and more curious about the reason crisformage7 had scaled the casino, with user Luckygecko1saying: “Congrats, but your first act as a level 750 is to trespass? Because you clearly don't belong up here sir. I'm calling Vincent to take care of this.”

Others questioned the benefits of levelling up that high, with it being pointed out that tangible item unlocks cease after level 200, with only your rank symbol changing from then on.

Meanwhile, some users simply encouraged crisformage7 to take a break now that they’ve achieved the feat, with one sharing a gif of a lawn “just in case you forgot what grass looks like.”

Regardless of whether or not you’ve played so much GTA Online that you’ve forgotten what it looks like outside, make sure to follow us for more updates as new content, possibly starring Michael from single-player, is released.

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