GTA Online Player Hits Five Years of Playtime, Fellow Players Astonished

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While GTA Online players have always had dedication to the game, there generally comes a point when even the most hardcore of grinders have to take a break and play something else.

No matter whether this change is initiated by a particularly annoying griefer encounter or simply running out of new things to buy with their ill-gotten gains, it’s generally guaranteed, which is what seems to have made one player found by Reddit users such an interesting case study.

You see, said individual has five solid years of in-game playtime under their belt, as in real years rather than GTA ones.

One Player Will Seemingly be in GTA Online Forever and Always

This is the topic of a recent thread in the GTA Online subreddit, which began with user Emerold_boy posting a screenshot of the aforementioned player’s profile, captioning it: “I don't think that this person ever stops playing GTA.”

A number of users agreed with this assessment, with MemeBoiTROG saying: “Occasionally, after long hours of work, he plays real-life for 30 minutes” and Bright_Cobbler9880 adding: “(the) game’s been out for like nine years so yeah, he takes a break for the bathroom and grandma’s cookies.”

Meanwhile, several others suggested that the profile’s statistics didn’t reflect a strong return on the time investment indicated, with LegendOmegaX asking: “Playtime five years but level 254? Dude was walking around the place or something?” and Randoft declaring: “(their) level and money are way too low for this playtime”.

This lead many players to the conclusion that the player must be spending significant time away from their controller or keyboard letting supplies build up, a common strategy among the most hardcore GTA grinders, who use an array of tricks to stop themselves from being kicked for inactivity while things build up.

Some speculated as to how the player could have earned their $500 million dollars of in-game money without the sale grinding approach, with user BrightSideOfGaming joking: “just about 500 Cayo Perico heists. Super easy, barely an inconvenience.”

Others were simply concerned for the player’s bank account, with user KMNKY_ saying: “everyone’s talking about how he must be an AFK level 254 player, but I’m thinking about my man’s electricity bill”.

Whatever may be the case, hopefully the five years haven’t been clocked up in one continuous sitting.

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