GTA Online Player Wrongly Accused of Being a Bad Sport

An angry GTA player with a dunce cap on.

An angry GTA player with a dunce cap on.

In the endless battles of GTA Online, controversial tactics are constantly being employed, no matter the cause of the conflict.

No matter whether the fight is over some cruelly distributed heist cuts, a textbook struggle between would-be griefer and griefee or some kind of fracas among drunken revellers at a pool party, things don’t always end fairly.

This was exactly the case for one GTA player, who found themselves being branded a bad sport by the game after fighting back in self-defence against some players who attacked them first.

There is Seemingly No GTA Justice

The thread concerning this in the GTA Online subreddit began with user TheLordsLifter sharing a clip of them being crashed into by a car full of other players, who then attempt a drive-by shooting, only to meet their demise thanks to an RPG explosion from TheLordsLifter, who then receives a bad sport notification, leading them to caption the clip: “how am I the bad sport when they attacked me first?”

A number of fellow players responded to the post by agreeing with the idea that the TheLordsLifter had been wrongly accused of any crimes, with user guifesta saying: “(the) bad sport system is stupid, you get bad sport points for defending yourself, but people get rewarded for destroying your cargo” and RAH2458 adding: “They destroy my vehicle (and) they don't even pay the insurance, I blow them up to return the favour and I get hit with the bad sport and pay for their vehicle. Rockstar logic I guess.”

On the other hand, user DragonPaul_Z accused TheLordsLifter of holding some responsibility for the initial collision, saying: “bro, you were in the middle of the road, at the green light, not moving. Totally your fault!”, leading user gorpsligock to post a link to the subreddit r/gtatrafficcourt, which is dedicated to apportioning blame in clips of traffic accidents between GTA players and NPCs.

User PapaXan highlighted what they thought was the exact action in the exchange which had drawn the game’s ire, saying: “(it’s) because you destroyed their vehicle. It makes no difference who attacked who first”, to which TheLordsLifter responded: “this was not something I was aware of. I thought since they shot me first then it became fair game to do whatever.”

Luckily, it seems this newfound awareness has probably been gifted to TheLordsLifter before they could get in any serious trouble, with user windmillninja revealing: “I wouldn’t sweat it. You have to destroy a ridiculous amount of personal vehicles before going to a bad sport lobby.”

Other users tried to cheer TheLordsLifter up by complimenting their car, the BF Weevil, which is seemingly quite popular due to its quirky looks and high level of available customisation.

So, start remembering not to blow up other vehicles if you want to be able to buy your own Weevil and make sure to follow us for more GTA Online updates as new content, possibly starring Michael from single-player, is released.

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