Remember Beefing Over OG Heist Cuts in GTA Online?

Promo artwork of GTA Online players doing a heist.

High-stakes heists have long been one of GTA Online’s biggest selling points, with gathering your crew and taking a score still being one of the most visceral highs the game can offer outside of blowing up a particularly pesky griefer.

However, one of the more infamous aspects of the missions added all the way back in GTA Online’s original heists update caused a lot more headaches than highs, with intense arguments over money leading many players to have to quit and take a break to calm down.

This element was, of course, the decision over the percentage cuts of the take each crew member would receive for their contributions.

GTA Online Players Reminisce About Beefing Over OG Heist Cuts

However, despite the lengthy quarrels that this feature used to fuel on a regular basis, it seems that GTA’s grizzled veterans have now reached a point at which they can look back on it with nostalgic chuckles, as proven by the reaction to a post in the GTA Online subreddit by user TheZoker.

In the post, TheZoker included a meme of the menu screen where the cuts were decided, adding to the meme’s caption about the beef it caused their own comment: “still does”.

A number of users responded to the post by offering amusing impressions of what these lobbies used to be like, with Cosmo_X illustrating the kind of arguments that would ensue if players who hadn’t helped with the setup missions asked for too large a cut and Titan696 referencing the frequent readying and un-readying that unhappy players would use to try and get their way.

On the other hand, user shababs-botten asked whether anyone is still playing these original heists, to which Cosmo_X responded: “I don’t, but potentially thousands still do. How else can you explain all the Prison Break invites?”

Meanwhile, DogfishDave added: “Sometimes I feel sympathetic and go to help a low-level who's inviting people over and over. And I always always regret it.”

Other users shared how their mindset has evolved since those halcyon days, with tiny percentages no longer mattering so much, as newer heists like The Cayo Perico Heist have provided players with the means to earn money more efficiently.

So, while bad sports still exist in today’s GTA Online, at least they’re no longer just angry about being underpaid for their labour.

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