Genshin Impact Sandbearer Wood Locations: The Best Place To Farm Sandbearer Wood

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In Genshin Impact, a variety of wood materials can be farmed from trees and all of which are vital in crafting furniture recipes. One of these is the Sandbearer Wood and farming this material may not be that difficult in the game.

So, browse through this article to know all the Sanbearer Wood locations in Genshin Impact.

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Where to Farm Sandbearer Wood in Genshin Impact


Players can find and farm Sanbearer Wood in the eastern part of Luhua Pool, which is also the far southern part of the Cuijue Slope.

Another good location to farm the material is near the waypoint on the far northern part of Mt. Tianheng. A handful of Sanbearer trees could be found in this area.

Sandbearer Wood can also be farmed in Guili Plains. Players can get the material here easily because of the huge amount of Sandbearer trees present within the vicinity.

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