Stray Modder Replaces Cat With Minecraft Pig

A screenshot of a Minecraft pig in Stray.
Credit: Kaijauthentics on Nexus Mods.

Since its release, cat-based adventure game Stray has amassed a massive following on social media via its feline protagonist.

With cat lovers everywhere deeply enthralled by video clips of real cats reacting to the game or mods that can bring these real-life moggies into it in virtual form, one modder has used these distractions to secretly attempt the most ambitious gaming crossover in years.

That’s right, the freshest customisation of the Stray cat brings a dose of Minecraft to it in a manner that might be slightly stinky.

Replace Your Furry Friend With a Snorty Friend

The creation in question is the doing of Modder Kaijauthentics (@mrrshawk on Twitter), who seemingly decided that this mod, called ‘Minecraft Pig Over Stray Cat’, was the perfect place to start their modding career.

Naturally, as the name suggests, the mod does one thing. It allows you to play through Stray as a cute and pink Minecraft pig, abandoning the blocky world you should really call home to go and solve some puzzles in the walled city.

Sadly, unlike in a modded Minecraft server, this new pig skin won’t make you invincible and immune to failure, so make sure not to get too lost and overwhelmed in the square swine experience if you’re one of the many hardcore Stray speedrunners out there.

On the other hand, if you’re not quite ready to migrate from cats to other types of animals yet, another mod might be more your style.

This one was produced by prolific modder norskpl, whose previous work includes adding a Nyan cat loading icon to Stray and a bunch of classic cars to a very similar game in the form of Mafia 2’s Definitive Edition.

Called ‘Oh Long Johnson mod (Request)’, their latest creation brings a talking cat from a 2013 viral YouTube video, which you can watch below, into the game.

Now you’ve watched that classic Facebook content, you can compare the noise made by the original cat to that of the version of them added to Stray by the mod, which is showcased in this video:

So, download your pig or cat of choice and make sure to follow us for guides on how to get into the nightclub or throw down a sick slam dunk in Stray.

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