Stray - Can You Customise The Cat?

Stray: Can You Customise The Cat?

Stray: Can You Customise The Cat?

Stray is a pretty fascinating game. Doing away with many modern game conventions, you play a cat exploring a cyberpunk world. If you want to know if you can customize the cat in Stray, this is what you need to know.

As you might expect, there's quite a lot to figure out in Stray. There's a dedicated meow button, odd ways of solving puzzles, and new ways of getting around. We'll go over customization features and some exploration tips.

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Stray: Can You Customize The Cat?

In Stray, you can't customize the cat. You do get given a small backpack early on and find a nice robot companion called B-12 but you can't freely choose to change your looks. Any changes made to the look of your cat are in service of the story or environment. We could possibly see some cosmetic changes with a future DLC or something but there are no plans for this just yet.

Stray: Can You Customize The Cat?
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If you want to see your cat change how they look, you will just have to keep playing the game until it happens. Luckily, a few changes are made very early on so you won't be left waiting for too long.

You can also pick up special items and things in your backpack - something to set one playthrough apart from another. You can move into hidden areas and acquire new things but you can't change your look at will.

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How to Meow in Stray

In Stray, you can meow at any time, during any cutscene. Simply press the circle button on your DualSense to get him to meow.

You can even do this when he's sleeping. It doesn't seem to serve a purpose in regards to the narrative or game mechanics but being able to do it at any time is pretty fun.

How to Jump in Stray

Stray doesn't have a free jumping system. Seemingly intended to imitate the relative gracefulness of a cat, you can only jump up to certain ledges. Just click X near a ledge and the cat will make it across. The game might not flow as well with finicky platforming sections so it does away with this for a more puzzle-centric approach.

It can take a little while to get used to but clicks when you get it right. You can also hold down the x button to jump across multiple gaps in a row. In the middle of a chase scene, this works surprisingly well. Eventually, you will start to piece together which jumps you can make and which jumps are just a little too big for you.

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