Stray - How To Get Into the Nightclub

Stray - How To Get Into the Nightclub

Stray - How To Get Into the Nightclub

Stray is now finally out in the wild and fans seem to love it. This is likely down to the cute protagonist, desolate world, and engrossing story. If you're looking up how to get in the club in Stray, this is what you should know.

There are a few things you should do right after to get some nice trophies too. Here's everything to help you out.

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How to Get Into the Nightclub in Stray

Unlike what you may initially think, you likely won't enter the nightclub the first time you see it in Stray. You can walk up and talk to a few characters but you can't get in. Instead, continue to progress the story until you get a note telling you to meet in the club. You don't take the standard entrance.

Stray - How To Get Into the Nightclub
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To get into the club, you have to go into the alleyway to the side and jump on the bins. From here, you can get upwards by taking a couple of jumps and making your way onto the pipes. Once you're up there, you can go over to a window to get in. If you come here earlier in the story, that window will be closed. You are now in the club.

How to Scratch the Vinyl in Stray

Once you're in the club, look around the tables and you will find a vinyl lying around. You can pick this up and bring it over to the DJ desk. Once you have placed it down, simply press triangle to start scratching. Press R2 and L2 rapidly to start scracthing. This will unlock the 'Scratch' trophy.

As you might expect, you need to get far enough into the story to unlock this and you are better off doing it as soon as you possibly can. Many of Stray's trophies can be accidentally skipped, requiring a restart if you miss. Luckily, the game is only around 5 hours to play through so replaying it shouldn't take you too long.

How to Get the Productive Day Trophy in Stray

The Productive Day trophy is awarded to you for sleeping somewhere for an hour. As you might expect, this is a real-life hour. If you need to do something, you can simply leave the game on in the right place and this will automatically unlock.

Unfortunately, you can't just sleep anywhere. There are a handful of major places early on that are easy to get this trophy in. To sleep, you need to find somewhere cosy. This will tend to be anywhere with pillows and blankets or even a few shelves. In the small library early on, there's a height you can jump up to in order to sleep. You can also sleep next to the musician.

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