Stray - How to Sleep for an Hour

Stray - How to Sleep for an Hour

Stray - How to Sleep for an Hour

Stray has tonnes of little sidequests to get into and lots of secrets to find. You can spot most of them if you look through the trophy list. If you're looking to sleep for an hour in Stray, this is what you need to know.

Not only is it the prerequisite to get a nice trophy but getting your cat to sleep will let you hear them purring through the PlayStation controller.

If you're playing Stray, check out how to dunk the basketball, poncho and if you can customise the cat. If this isn't what you're looking for, here's how to save in Stray.

How to Sleep for One Hour in Stray

If you want to sleep in Stray, you have to go to specific spots and press the right button. Unfortunately, you can't just sleep anywhere. If you want to get the productive day trophy, you are better off getting it as early as possible. In The Slums, there are a handful fo major spots you can use to sleep. On the rooftops, you will find a robot lying down. Next to him, you can just click triangle and sleep.

Stray - How to Sleep for an Hour
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If you give the musician sheet music, they will start to play a song. You can rest next to them too. As well as this, there is a ledge in the room with the small library and a handful fo extra pillows and soft spots around the world.

To sleep an hour, you simply have to leave the game on for an hour and it will unlock. Next to the musician is a good spot because you will be able to listen to the music while you wait.

If you play on PS5, you can even hear the cat purring through the controller. Just wait it out and you will unlock the trophy.

How to Jump in Stray

There are a few mechanics in Stray that are fairly simple but have some nuance to them. You do not have the option to jump any where at any time. You have to find a ledge or a good spot first, then tap X to hop up.

Luckily, if you hold down the X button, you can jump across multiple gaps in a row. Once you get used to how the jump mechanics work, it works well.

How to Meow in Stray

In Stray, there is a dedicated meow button. On PlayStation 5, it is the circle button. You can press this at any point, regardless of if you're sleeping or in the middle of a cutscene.

The Stray meow button doesn't tend to have a function in-game but can be a lot of fun as you go throughout each area. Most interaction is, instead, done through your robot companion.

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