Stray - How to Save Your Progress

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Stray offers the player many things that most other games don't: a dedicated meow button, a cat protagonist, and an abandoned decaying world. If you're looking to know how to save in Stray, here's what you need to know.

As you might expect from Stray, it's not always quite as straightforward as you might hope. Doing away with a traditional save, there are still some ways to leverage it to save when you want.

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How to Save in Stray

As of right now, there isn't a specific save button. That being said, there is a pretty robust autosave function. You can manipulate it in ways to get the game to save for you. Unfortunately, it won't save in areas as you explore. If you want the game to save, you have to go past the area you're in to trigger the save.

Stray - How to Save
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This is unfortunate but it guarantees your file is kept safe for you. If you are ever worried it has not saved as you go to turn it off, it will display the last save in the pause menu. Just hit start and you can see it.

There's a chance this could change over time. If players are complaining about how saves work, they could add an update to change it around. This all being said, they're relatively consistent right now.

Is Stray Coming to Nintendo Switch?

If you're looking to play Stray on Nintendo Switch, you may be waiting for some time. In the trailer from 2020, they announce that it will be a PlayStation console exclusive for a limited time. It isn't entirely sure how long this exclusivity will last but definitely for some time. It could only be a few months but it seems likely it will last a year.

This also means that any sight of an Xbox release may be a while off. Given how Microsoft have been recently, it seems likely that, if it comes to Xbox, it will come to Xbox Game Pass. Hopefully, we'll see something more about that over the coming months.

This all being said, if you're looking for a way to play the game on the go, it is currently also available on Steam. If you are lucky, or quick, enough to have got one already, you can play it on the go there. If you play on PlayStation, you can get it as part of your PlayStation Plus subscription. There isn't an equivalent offer on Steam just yet. There is also no word of a release on the Epic Games Store yet.

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