Stray - How to Use The Poncho

Stray - How to Use The Poncho

Stray - How to Use The Poncho

Stray has a surprisingly big focus on exploration, puzzles and figuring things out for yourself. It has tonnes of little puzzles and quests early on that really acclimate you to the world. If you're looking into how to use the Poncho in Stray, this is what you should know.

As you may have come to expect from this game, the solution isn't quite as obvious as putting it on. Here's how it works and what you need to know about the surrounding quest.

If you're playing Stray for yourself and want to know how to save progress, whether it's coming to switch, or you're looking for the apartment door code, we have everything you should know.

How to Get The Stray Electric Cable

Stray lets you tackle its small areas in any fashion so you can technically get some of these items before others but you may as well take it in order to make sure nothing goes wrong. In order to get the Poncho, you will need an electric cable. If you speak to Grandma in The Slums, she will ask you for it.

Stray - How to Use The Poncho
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You can purchase it off Azoos but he likes to trade. You will need to find a special detergent first, in order to swap the two items. You can do this by heading up to the rooftops and finding two robots throwing paint across. Watch them and go across to the robot throwing it. Wait until he goes to throw one and meow. This will put him off, dropping it down below.

The owner of the laundromat will come out angry to complain and clean up the paint. You can simply walk right past him and into his shop. The detergent will be sat on the side. Pick it up and trade it for the cable.

Stray - What to do With the Poncho

The Poncho can be brought to Elliot in his store. It has a big red door on it and can be found pretty easily. You have to scratch on the door and it will be opened. Just go upstairs and you will find Elliot.

Giving him the Poncho will warm him up and he will fix your tracker.

Can You Customize the Cat?

Unfortunately, you can't customize your cat at will. There are no cosmetics in the game to change between. This all being said, some changes to your cat will be made throughout the game. Early on, your little cat will find a new backpack, somewhat changing his look. If you want them to look a little different, you simply have to keep playing the game. Maybe, in the future, we could see some DLC or update that adds changes but it seems unlikely at this point. You can read all about customization in our guide here.

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