Is Stray Coming to Nintendo Switch?

Is Stray Coming to PC?

Is Stray Coming to PC?
July 21, 2022: The game is now finally out in the world and you can pick it up on PlayStation or PC. No word on Switch just yet

The sheer level of hype around Stray has been truly phenomenal. Seeing a small orange cat explore an abandoned cyberpunk world, there's a lot going for it. If you're wondering if Stray is coming to Nintendo Switch, here's what we know so far.

Alongside this, many are wondering about an Xbox or Epic Games Store release. Here's what we know about that.

If you're currently playing Stray and wondering what to play next, here's what we know about Forspoken and God of War Ragnarok.

Is Stray Coming to Nintendo Switch?

The game is pretty impressive looking so it would need to be significantly changed to run on the Nintendo Switch. It is certainly not impossible though. After a little while on PlayStation, there's a chance it could see a Switch launch.

Is Stray Coming to PC?
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It is currently playable on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 so it can run on a varied range of hardware. Hopefully, this is a sign it will eventually come to Nintendo Switch. We'll just have to wait for some confirmation.

Is Stray Coming to PC?

Stray is launching on PC the day it is releasing on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. That means you can play it from July 19th. As of right now, the only way to play it on PC is via Steam. You can access it via this link.

It will cost the same price regardless of what platform you play on. This being said, it is launching into PS Plus Extra on PlayStation - a great way to give it a go. You can't access it as part of a subscription service on PC yet.

On PlayStation, they take advantage of the haptic feedback triggers and the speaker in the controller to really give feedback. If you play the game on PC, you won't get this experience. This being said, everything else will remain untouched.

There are no confirmed details on an Epic Games Store release. it may eventually come but there don't seem to be any concrete plans just yet.

Is Stray Coming to Xbox?

As of right now, there are no confirmed plans to launch the game on Xbox. In a teaser trailer for the game, it said at the very end:

"Console exclusive for a limited time."

It seems likely that it will stay on PlayStation for a few months to a year, before we see a new trailer inclusive of Xbox. It is always technically possible it will stay an exclusive but it seems unlikely they would specify it's an exclusive for a limited time if they don't have plans to bring it elsewhere.

If you're looking for more information on Stray, here's why the game isn't open world and here's what we know about its launch and release times.

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