Is Stray Open World?

Is Stray Open World?

Stray is one of the most anticipated games of July, thanks to a unique approach to the world, an engaging story and, most importantly, a furry little main character. If you're wondering if Stray is open world, this is what you need to know.

You may want some time to explore the game so make sure to really look around when you get the chance.

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Is Stray Open World?

Stray is not an open world game. Instead, you are given a handful of little areas to explore and structured levels to run through. Though it isn't open world, it's not entirely linear at points, rewarding exploration. You can take on unique interactions and fun mini stories if you know where to look.

Is Stray Open World?
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It is definitely intended to be a small experience to look around, as opposed to a huge game you will be playing until next year. We have received a handful of these this year.

How Long is Stray?

Stray will take most players around eight hours to finish. This being said, there's quite a lot you can do with the environment. You can talk to other creatures around the world, explore little areas and solve puzzles. You can get a few more hours out of it if you really want to discover everything going on.

Knowing the story and world of the game, a replay may feel a little different too. If you just want an excuse to meow in different locations, it may be worth trying it all again.

Can You Jump In Stray?

You can jump in Stray. Jumps can only be used in specific locations though as you can't freely jump anywhere. This is likely a result of having tight platform controls. If you are constantly falling off things, jumping won't feel as fluid and may make playing as a cat feel a little stale.

Luckily, it's a pretty free system. You can connect to most ledges and jump up. If you think of the game operating a little closer to Assassin's Creed in its jump movement, you have a much closer idea of what you will be doing.

You can even hold down the jump button to get across multiple jumps in one go. Our main character is very agile and can even go vertically up buildings with the right platforms. Don't be afraid to just pick a direction and jump. If it's not possible, they just won't jump. It may be a little bit of a shame to miss a free jump button but it makes up for it in tight platforms and interesting buildings.

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