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July 18, 2022 We have just one day left until it is out. If you want to order a physical copy of the game, you can check it out here.

After months of considerable hype, Stray is finally almost here. If you're looking for the Stray Release date, news and more, this is what you need to know.

Playing a stray cat in an abandoned cyberpunk world, there are tonnes of secrets and stories to find. You can finally play it for yourself in just one day.

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What is Stray?

In a futuristic cyberpunk world, Stray has you take control of a lost cat looking to get home. You must discover the ancient mystery underpinning society whilst learning to protect yourself from all its nasty inhabitants.

Basically, you play a very cool cat in an even cooler world, and in the ever-present era of cat memes and a lasting fascination with the cyberpunk aesthetic, Stray scratches both boxes.

When Is the Stray Release Date?

Stray is set to finally release on July 19. Initially starting development way back in 2015, Stray has been in the works for some time. Hopefully, it is worth the long wait.

This means we are now mere days away from release.

Stray Campaign - What's the Story in Stray?

As of right now, we're in the dark about quite a lot of how Stray works but, as being alone is central to the narrative, it seems like this will be entirely single-player.

You'll meet a drone known as B12, we're still unsure as to how much of a role the machine will have on the larger story.

Stray is, fundamentally a narrative exploration game so it seems likely your playtime will differ, depending on how much you like to explore. If you want to search down every hallway, you may get a little more bang for your buck.

Stray Release Date, news and more
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What Platforms Is Stray On?

Speaking of bang for your buck, Stray will be releasing on PlayStation as part of PS Plus. If you don't have a PS4 or PS5, you can play the game on Steam on launch. There's even a nice ten percent discount for those who choose to preorder.

As of right now, though, there's no word on a potential Nintendo Switch or Xbox version of the game. It seems likely this could happen eventually, but it's not worth getting your hopes up just yet.

The scope of the game's world could limit the possibility of a Nintendo Switch port, but an Xbox version doesn't seem like a tall ask. Chances are it's just a timed console exclusive for now.

Where Can I Preorder Stray Preorder Information

Stray preorders went live alongside the official release date announcement, meaning you can throw down some coin to reserve your copy right now. There are no special or deluxe editions of the game just yet, but they .

If you buy it, you get the same version as everyone else. In this same vein, there are no preorder bonuses. It seems likely the soundtrack will be purchasable on Steam like most games but there's not much else here.

If you're looking to preorder the game, you have just over a month to do so.

If you want more indie games with a purpose, check out our countdown of the best indie games of 2021. There are some excellent titles in there. Hopefully, Stray can make it into our 2022 list.

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