Stray Apartment Door Code Location

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Stray Apartment Door Code Location

Stray is a very striking game. Presented through the eyes of a tiny cat protagonist, there's quite a lot you have to figure out. If you're looking for the Stray Apartment Door Code Location, here's what you should know.

As it's fairly early on into the game, this puzzle is a great way of learning some of the game's mechanics. As well as helping learn some of the logic of the game, it will teach you how your robot companion works and how to use the flashlight. Just in case you've missed it, we'll go over those too.

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Stray Apartment Door Code Location

The Stray apartment door code location is in the room just before the door. Take a right into the closest room and you will find the code here. Unfortunately, it's very dark. Once you've turned on the flashlight, you can look into this room and find the code on the whiteboard. For us, it was 3748. It's not entirely clear if it's the same code for every game so just check this location first.

Stray Apartment Door Code Location
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In order to figure this out, you need access to B-12 and need to know how to work the flashlight. In case you haven't figured this out, you can find out all about that below.


Getting B-12 in Stray

To get B-12, you have to do a couple of things when you walk into the room with all the PCs. First, you have to step on the keyboard. The screen will light up, instructing you to find a body.

Go into the room on the left and pick up small energy cartridges around the room. Plug these into the nearby computers to open up a secret room. In here, get up high and knock a box down. This will contain B12. They then instruct you to use the computers and you will be ready to go.

How to Turn on the Flashlight

The flashlight is automatically added to B-12. Once you have acquired him, got the small cat backpack and generally booted everything up, you simply have to press up on the D-Pad to activate it. As it comes out of B-12, it's a little hard to use initially but you will get used to it as you play.

Stray uses light quite a lot throughout its puzzles and exploration. If you ever can't figure something out, there's a good chance there's just not enough light being shone on the right thing. You will want to use the flashlight whenever the environment starts to look dark.

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