Stray - How to Dunk The Basketball

Stray - How to Dunk The Basketball

Stray - How to Dunk The Basketball

Part of the fun of Stray lies in all those little activities and quests you can take part in. If you're looking into how to dunk the basketball in Stray, this is everything you need to know.

This will go over where you can find the basketball, how to dunk it and what you should do if you miss the first time.

If you're playing the game for yourself and looking into customising the cat or how to save progress, here's what you should know. If this isn't what you're looking for, here's what you should know about the apartment door code or whether or not the game is open world.

How to Dunk the Basketball in Stray

Before you dunk the basketball, you have to find it. Get to The Slums and meet The Guardian. After you chat with them, turn to the right and you will spot a basketball at the top of a ramp. Don't touch it just yet. Keep an eye on your surroundings and spot the small bin at the bottom of the ramp. The key to dunking the basketball is you have to gently touch it to allow it to just slide into the bin.

Stray - How to Dunk The Basketball
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Hit it head-on so it will roll down the hill. Don't hit it too hard or it may miss or bounce elsewhere. If you happen to fail this shot, you can't take the basketball out of the bin. This being said, with the setup of the autosave system, you can close the game and open it again to set yourself back a minute or so and do it again. This may mean reintroducing yourself to The Guardian but it's likely worth it for the trophy.

How Does the Stray Save System Work?

Technically, the save system could change at any point. If enough fans complain about it, they may offer a more robust save system. This being said, it seems to work well so far. Instead of having a manual save system, the game relies on frequent autosaves. Generally, if you get into areas like The Slums, you won't get a save until you move onto another story beat. This means any progress you make on side activities won't be kept if you turn off your game immediately.

This limitation is good in a sense too. It allows you to retry quests and gives you a clear understanding of where saves will happen. If you need to end it for the night and turn off the PlayStation or PC, just move forward into the next story moment and it should sort itself out. The game isn't hugely long so try and do all those little quests and activities.

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