Stray Modders Make Cat Resemble Their Own Furry Friends

A promo screenshot for Stray.
Credit: Annapurna Interactive

Since its release, cat-based puzzle game Stray has amassed a massive following on social media, with cat lovers all over the world delighting in having a game via which they can share that love.

This has led to video clips of real cats reacting to virtual cats being shared all over the place, with countless paws being thrust at screens and bemused meows being emitted.

Now, however, some modders have taken it upon themselves to take their kitties' immersion to the next level by customising the in-game cat to resemble a litany of different breeds of furry friends.

Forget Cats Watching Stray, Now They’re Being Teleported Into the Game!

Modder Larame was one of these individuals, producing a mod called ‘My Cat Dio Player Skin’, which brings their cat Dio to the game via a visual alteration centred around giving Stray’s protagonist an auburn and white coat.

Meanwhile, modder Hacktix authored ‘My Cat Jessy - Player Skin’, which gives the cat an interesting brown and white coat in line with their cat, Jessy.

For those who prefer their cats to be hairless, modder Hawkeiros’ ‘Sphynx Mod-Peppermint the Bougie Kitty’ adds a sphynx cat into the game, based on a real bald moggy that you can follow on social media.

This one does have a little bit of an issue, with the way the vanilla game handles cat eyes making it impossible to give the in-game Peppermint blue eyes, a problem which might mess with the immersion of hairless feline stans.

Returning to the world of actually furry friends, modder Narwhix’s ‘Calico Cat’ brings their cheerfully-named cat Sunny into the game, with the mod’s description even featuring an image of the cat in question, so you can say hello before you install.

If you don’t fancy playing as someone else’s real feline, then another of Narwhix’s mods might be more up your alley, with ‘Garfield Cat’ bringing everyone’s favourite lasagna lover to Stray as a regular-looking cat with an orange hue.

For a more cartoony Garfield experience, modder crubino’s ‘Garfield - Cartoon Edition’ offers a version of Jon Arbuckle’s best friend that’s a little more in line with the cat featured in the cartoons and the CGI monstrosity seen in the Garfield Films.

Or, if you’ve had enough of cats altogether, you could try out Sirgalahad172’s ‘JOKE mod CJ’, which brings the iconic protagonist of GTA San Andreas into the game to crawl around on all fours and presumably chase trains.

So, download your moggy of choice and make sure to follow us for guides on how to get into the nightclub or throw down a sick slam dunk in Stray.

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