Starfield with 1,000 Adoring Fans looks just as hilarious and terrifying as you’d think

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The Adoring Fan in Starfield.
Credit: Bethesda/Wilburgur on YouTube.

Most of the hardcore Bethesda fans who’ve invested thousands of hours into Skyrim and Fallout 4 couldn’t wait for the chance to blast off into Starfield.

No matter whether you paid for early access or jumped into the game on September 6, odds are, if you’ve avoided spending all day downloading mods, you’ve likely already blazed through a lot of missions and moulded your character into a hardened spacer.

You might also have been getting up to all kinds of wacky hijinks as you explore the cosmos, such as adopting a pet asteroid, swimming through a milky way made of literal milk, or in the case of one YouTuber, spawning in an army of Adoring Fans to cause some chaos.

Could you cope with being followed around by this many Adoring Fans in Starfield?

Yes, in their latest video, content creator Wilburgur has shown off what might happen if someone, God forbid, decided to clone the Adoring Fan enough times to create an 1,000 admirer strong army.

The in-game staging ground for this bizarre experiment was New Atlantis, the place where you’ll have your first encounter with the fan, assuming you opted for the ‘Hero Worshipped’ trait. Though, as you can see below, even the act of recruiting him was made a bit more interesting by the crowd of duplicates swarming around.

Willburgur's glorious video about the stunt packs a bunch of incredible moments into is brief runtime. These include a conversation with the back of the fan’s glitched out head through the floor of The Frontier, and some haunting robotic grunts in unison from the mob as the YouTuber tries to attack them.

That said, my favourite might be when the fans descend on The Lodge, leading to a scene that sees Constellation money man Walter Stroud, who’s been rendered shirtless for some reason, deliver the line: “Frankly, this is the most exciting thing that’s happened in years,” while surrounded by them.

Wilburgur is no stranger to getting up to incredibly strange things in Bethesda games, having previously played through Fallout 4 as the most human-looking character you’ve ever seen, and broken Oblivion’s skooma-drinking records, but they might’ve outdone themselves this time.

Regardless of whether you’re now deeply regretting letting a mob of Adoring Fans trail you throughout the Settled Systems, make sure to follow us for lots of guides to Starfield’s characters, mechanics, and quests, as well as updates on DLC whenever they arrive.

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