Starfield player builds literal milky way out of cartons after exiting ship in space using neat trick

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The milk carton milky way in Starfield.
Credit: Bethesda/Dennios on YouTube.

Most of the hardcore Bethesda fans who’ve invested thousands of hours into Skyrim and Fallout 4 couldn’t wait for the chance to start digging into Starfield.

No matter whether you paid for early access to the game, or have joined the party following its full release, odds are, if you’ve avoided spending all day downloading mods, you’ve likely already done plenty of interstellar exploring and moulded your character into a hardened spacer.

Or maybe you’ve been more interested in getting up to wacky hijinks, possibly involving Thomas the Tank Engine or a spaceship shaped like a sandwich. Well, thanks to the discovery of a neat little trick that allows players to exit their ships in space, it looks like the game’s potential for amusing shenanigans is ascending to new levels.

Have you managed to do any spacewalking in Starfield yet?

Over the past couple of days, a number of clips of players floating around the cosmos while their craft sits in orbit above a planet have been popping up on Starfield’s various subreddits. Sadly, in order to head out on such a spacewalk, you’ll need to be playing on PC, with console commands being responsible for making it possible.

Those who have the ability to move their character outside of their ship and turn off gravity, which can be done by inputting ‘player.setpos x 10’ and ‘setgravityscale 0’ respectively, have wasted no time using their new ability to get up to some interesting antics.

Reddit user Space_Scumbag, who goes by Dennios on YouTube, recently dropped 10k milk cartons on New Atlantis and has now topped that by using the same object to build a literal milky way after exiting their ship.

As you can see in the clip above, they celebrated the achievement by gracefully swimming through the cartons, causing them to begin to float off in a bunch of different directions. In response to a fellow player in another thread about the video saying they hoped they’d be able to watch the discarded dairy products glide away forever, Space_Scumbag explained that, unfortunately, that isn’t how the game works.

“I could record a longer video, but I have to say the milk cartons wouldn't get far," they said, continuing: “The space simulation isn't that correct. Stuff slows down and stops after a while, it has friction like in a fluid.”


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