Skyrim player encounters courier seemingly sent by Oblivion’s Mythic Dawn cult

An image of the Mythic Dawn cult in Skyrim.

An image of the Mythic Dawn cult in Skyrim.

When they’re not battling foes like Alduin and the ebony warrior or going off on heroic adventures, Skyrim’s Dragonborn seemingly also has time to get caught up in a litany of weird and wacky scenarios.

From magically motivated chases with chickens to massacring an entire village using only the power of dabbing or transforming into a magical Michael Jordan, the list is almost endless.

The most recent of these strange sequences of events to hit Reddit is just as outlandish as those that have gone before it, though it could also mean that an evil faction from Elder Scrolls history is on the verge of rising again.

Have you ever been delivered a letter by an interestingly-dressed courier?

The thread containing this troubling encounter on the Skyrim subreddit began with a post from user Depressed_gamer_, who shared an image of a courier dressed in the robes of those who almost toppled the empire, captioning it: “Why is the courier wearing mythic dawn clothes?”

Naturally, their fellow players were quick to come up with a host of possible explanations for the messenger’s unusual attire, with user Far_Anteater_256 suggesting: “(Maybe he’s a member of the) Skyrim version of a historical re-enactment group?” and Sifar666 musing: “He was the first to get (an) invitation to the museum (in Dawnstar).”

Others thought this might be a sign that times are economically tough in Skyrim right now, with user i_karas declaring: “Inflation, (he) needs two jobs to pay the bills.” and ThepalehorseRiderr adding: “This is just a side hustle. He (drives) Ubers on the weekend.”

Meanwhile, user phantom-scribbler took the opportunity to deploy a joke that, in Elder Scrolls terms, is more of a grandfather gag than a dad joke, saying: “All I know is that the Mythic Dawn was here but now Dagon.”

Regardless of whether your reaction to Mankar Camoran’s feared faction making a surprise return to relevance involved middle-aged man humour, make sure to follow us for more updates on The Elder Scrolls 6 and the wacky world of Skyrim modding.

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