Skyrim modder brings the cost of living crisis to Tamriel

An image of the cost of living crisis in Skyrim.

An image of the cost of living crisis in Skyrim.

Life in Skyrim is generally pretty chill, with the means to make money never being too far away, especially if you’re good at alchemy or know which NPCs carry the most pocket change.

However, whether it’s via a introducing Shadow of Mordor-esque nemesis system or making dragon priest masks demonically possess their characters, Skyrim modders are always looking for ways to disrupt this idyllic existence.

In the case of one of these scary individuals, the answer to making life in the Elder Scrolls a little less pleasant was easy, making everything a bit more pricey.

Tired of feeling like your Dragonborn isn’t feeling the same pinch that you are?

The mod that does just that is called ‘Pricy Skyrim’ and is the work of modder nakano15, whose previous work has made the greetings of Oblivion’s NPCs a bit less charming and added companions to Terraria.

Now, though, they’ve turned their attention to satire in a fashion that’s going to be pretty devastating to the wallets of low-level characters, with most of the game’s prices having undergone a hefty bout of inflation.

That means no matter whether you’re in the market for a carriage ride to a hold capital, some lodgings at an inn or just an iron ingot to ensure that your blade isn’t too dull, you might be in for a nasty surprise when you get to the checkout.

Luckily, unlike in our own world of having to consider taking out loans to buy food, there is some method behind this mod’s madness, with it aiming to tackle the fact that late-game characters can easily end up with a massive fortune that removes most of the challenge from the game.

So, your dreams of buying a stable big enough to house all of the swanky steeds included in another new mod, WillOhTheWisp’s ‘Witcher Horse Expansion’, might take a bit more work to make a reality.

That said, with a range of new and unique breeds on offer, including a zombie horse, those extra hours spent fighting off draugr deep in a dungeon or picking crops alongside some poor farmer won’t be in vain.

So, tighten your belt, google some methods to save on Breezehome’s heating bills, and make sure to follow us for more updates on The Elder Scrolls 6 and the wacky world of Skyrim modding.

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