Skyrim modder adds Shadow of Mordor nemesis system to the game

An image of a nemesis in Skyrim.

An image of a nemesis in Skyrim.

While Skyrim’s NPCs can be a little rude or turn down your requests for marriage, it's hard to really hate any of them, aside from Nazeem, of course.

After all, while many of them may stare at you for a little too long at times, most will show plenty of deference and respect for the Dragonborn having prevented the end of the world via an Ohio-shaped Alduin.

However, the residents of a big new mod aimed to spice up the province's enemy pool by providing you with an endless string of unique baddies to bash, beat and brutalise certainly will not give you any kudos.

Is a warrior really a warrior without hordes of angry challengers to fight?

The mod in question is called ‘Shadow of Skyrim - Nemesis and Alternative Death System’ and is the work of prolific modder syclonix, who has previously brought coloured map markers to Skyrim and shouting to Oblivion.

Now, though, they’ve turned their attention to Skyrim’s enemies, instituting a Shadow of Mordor style nemesis system that turns everyone who bests you in combat into a unique miniboss, while also changing up the game’s death mechanics in order to ensure that you can rapidly chase down these bad lads and lasses if you wish.

It does this by respawning you in a new situational or random location, often one loosely related to the talents of your adversary, upon defeat, before sending you off on a quest to track down your new nemesis, both to gain your revenge and to get back some gear you’ll have lost when they beat your bottom into a pulp.

That said, being massively hasty in your pursuit might not be the best call, as, in addition to being sans the aforementioned gear, you’ll have unique debuff effects active which will hamper your abilities in some way (such as not being able to use shields), while your enemy will have gained a new name, some stat increases and their own positive buff, as you can see in the video below.

So, while completing the quest will be worth it in order to reverse this predicament, you might want to take some time to build up to it by getting more gear and developing your Skyrim skillage.

Similarly, before you install the mod, make sure to build up to that too by first grabbing both ‘SkyUI’ and ‘SKSE’, in order to make sure it works as intended.

So, grab your best weapons, hope that you don’t end up losing your armour to some random bandit, and make sure to follow us for more updates on The Elder Scrolls 6 and the wacky world of Skyrim modding.

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