Skyrim player breaks game with hilariously overpowered invisibility potion

Some potions and gold in Skyrim.

There are many interesting ways to make money in Skyrim, playing havoc with the game’s alchemy system might just be the most lucrative.

For those who know the right combinations and where to pick up rare ingredients on the cheap, the road to a potion-filled profit can be well worth the time investment, assuming your poor spouse doesn’t mind half of the house being filled with spare salmon roe and assorted mushrooms.

However, one player has recently taken things to another level, crafting an elixir that’s powerful enough to hide you from NPCs permanently and is worth more gold than a lifetime supply of dragon priest masks.

Fancy disappearing for your entire Skyrim playthrough?

The thread about this in the Skyrim subreddit began with a post from the alchemy expert themselves, user SargeMaximus, who shared an image of their terrifying creation, which would make any consumer willing to pay the asking price of over 4 billion gold invisible for over one million seconds, but also drain their Magicka by an obscene amount, and simply captioned it: “too much?”

Some of their fellow players genuinely seemed tempted to try and scrounge up enough money to purchase a few drops of the divine concoction, with user FraudulentTurd gushing: “That’s 2897 hours worth of invisibility. I have around 600 hours in this game. Holy (poop)!” and BaconEater314 fantasising: “You could make Nazeem go away forever without killing him!”

Even Skyrim’s lawmen expressed their approval, with user WhiterunGuards quipping: “Almost four months worth of invisibility? Fancy yourself an alchemist, hmm? Never could get the hang of that.”

User metasoma, on the other hand, saw the price tag and mused: “your kids will never ask you for money again”, leading SargeMaximus to reveal: “(I’m) still not sure if my character will have kids. Don’t even have a wife yet. Can’t decide.”

Another user asked the undecided potion maker just how on earth they’d managed to brew such an OP liquid, prompting SargeMaximus to explain: “(I was) crafting potions to do the alchemy glitch and then enchanting rings and such that has insane alchemy fortifications. Rinse and repeat. But if you go too far, the value starts to go negative so there is a sweet spot of maximum (values).”

User Jammer250 suggested that they’d found this sweet spot, saying: “gotta pump those numbers up. Those are rookie numbers!”, with Whole_Employee_2370 adding: “you gotta go so high the game instantly crashes when you try to make a potion.”

So, grab your ingredients, get brewing, and make sure to follow us for more updates on The Elder Scrolls 6 and the wacky world of Skyrim modding.

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