Skyrim modder allows Lydia to develop her own Dragonborn powers

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An image of Skyrim's Lydia shouting like a Dragonborn.

When they’re not casting spells on chickens, being hunted down by couriers, or checking their phone, Skyrim’s Dragonborn can occasionally be found utilising their powers to do something mildly heroic.

After all, if the prophesied slayer of the world eater doesn’t eventually get around to fighting Alduin and putting all of the province’s other baddies to the sword, then no one else will be able to do it.

That is, unless you have a new mod installed, which gives one of the game's most famous followers to finally fulfil their potential and pursue the way of the voice.

How do you feel about the idea of everyone’s favourite housecarl being able to shout you into Oblivion?

The mod in question is called ‘Dragonborn Lydia’ and is the first ever work of modder skarz2k, who’s seemingly decided that allowing the game’s protagonist to hoard away most of the abilities conveyed by having the blood of a dragon isn’t very fair.

So, now, the ever faithful Lydia has gained access to all of those Elder Scrolls you’ve been hoarding in your inventory, as well as some tutelage from the greybeards, both of which have been key in her transformation into a semi-Dragonborn.

Naturally, this means that she’ll now deploy the likes of unrelenting force and dragon aspect in battle, giving your enemies an even more potent pair of adventurers to try and deal with.

The mod also comes with a nice little dose of paranoia, as skarz2k suggests that on top of the aforementioned sources of knowledge, carefully watching every single thing your Dragonborn’s done during their travels has aided Lydia in her quest to understand the mechanics of shouting.

So, now’s your chance to mentally prepare for the moment she accidentally aims a disarming shout at an ally, jokingly tries to use fire breath to speed up some cooking or falls to her death after attempting to whirlwind sprint between two rooftops, only to slam into an invisible wall.

If the idea of watching all of your Skyrim lowlights be repeated in front of your very eyes isn’t very appealing, you could also give another recent and interesting follower mod, eeekief’s ‘Yheri Ralvisi - a Dunmer follower’, a go.

Regardless of how excited you are about the prospect of Lydia’s new skills, make sure to follow us for more updates on The Elder Scrolls 6 and the wacky world of Skyrim modding.

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