Skyrim quest mod has you venture to an underground swamp to heal the “Heart of the Reach”

A promo image for Skyrim's Heart of the Reach mod.
Credit: TheLootist on Nexus Mods.

A promo image for Skyrim's Heart of the Reach mod.
Credit: TheLootist on Nexus Mods.

When they’re not casting spells on chickens or being hunted down by bloodthirsty couriers, Skyrim’s Dragonborn has a litany of more important quests to complete.

From battling foes like Alduin and the ebony warrior in the vanilla game, to tackling the myriad of fresher nemeses and opportunities added to the game over the years by modders, the to-do list of Tamriel’s saviour is almost never-ending.

However, if you’re aching for another playthrough of Bethesda’s beloved RPG, you want to try and clear a bit of space in this hectic schedule, as a new mod looks to be offering an adventure that’s too good to miss.

Fancy a trip to the mysterious Ever-Bog?

The mod in question goes by the incredibly snappy title ‘Heart of the Reach - New Quest - Dungeon - Weapons - Ring - Spell’ and is the work of group of modders led by TheLootist, whose previous work has given the Dragonborn a new Dwemer ruin to explore, filled with secrets and some interesting armour sets.

This time, they’ve worked with a lot of the same people to give one of Skyrim’s most popular regions, The Reach, a new quest with a unique setting and an open-ended story.

Taking place in the Ever-Bog, an underground swamp located below the hold which looks to combine a marshy landscape similar to Fallout 3’s Point Lookout with the rampant flora of the vanilla Reach, this quest will seemingly start off with you with helping out a priest who’s concerned with what the Forsworn are doing there, as you can see in the video below.

Regardless of whether you choose to side with this priest, named Gwilym, you’ll need to locate him at Markarth’s Silver Blood Inn in order to get started, with the modders recommending that you hit level ten at the very least before doing so.

Aside from all of the narrative intrigue, also awaiting you in the Ever-Bog are a host of new and overhauled items, including two bows, a sword and a ring, some of which are only offered as rewards for taking specific paths through the quest, along with some flora a creatures that might look a little different to anything you’ve previously seen in Skyrim.

There’s also a new spell and some fresh alchemy ingredients, just in case you’re a mage still on the fence about temporarily abandoning your studies at the College of Winterhold to go gallivanting off to a swamp.

So, pack your bags, head for The Reach and make sure to follow us for more updates on The Elder Scrolls 6 and the wacky world of Skyrim modding.

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