Fallout Modders Bring Point Lookout DLC to Fallout 4

An image from the Fallout 4 Point Lookout mod.
Credit: The Capital Wasteland Team on Nexus Mods.

Disappointed that you won’t get to play Starfield and Redfall until the first half of 2023 at the earliest?

Well, if you’re also a fan of Bethesda’s Fallout games, a new mod may have arrived just in time to provide an antidote to your unhappiness.

Made by a large team of modders collectively going by ‘The Capital Wasteland Team’, “Fallout 4 - Point Lookout” takes one of Fallout 3’s DLCs and brings it, quests and all, into Fallout 4.

Fallout Modders Bring Point Lookout DLC to Fallout 4

Naturally, this means that everything you might nostalgically remember about the original DLC should be waiting to greet you as soon as you arrive, from the creepy swamps crawling with angry rednecks to the dapper British ghoul occupying Calvert Mansion and the occult surprises lying below Point Lookout’s surface.

Even the weapons you’ll use to take out the array of re-created creatures and new critters that’ll hunt you down as you traverse the DLC are returning favourites from Fallout 3, allowing you to truly recapture the spirit of 2008.

Then again, it’s hardly surprising to learn that the team have gone as far as bringing back old school guns, clothing items and consumables, when you learn that they also made a point of consulting Joel Burgess, Lead Designer on the original DLC, when in the process of making the mod.

Naturally, there are a couple of areas in which the mod can’t be entirely faithful to OG Point Lookout.

For example, the team have had to simply ask players to simply suspend their disbelief with regards to the fact that Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 take place ten years apart and to assume that Fallout 3’s protagonist, the Lone Wanderer, never made it to Point Lookout during their game, in order to account for the quests staying the same.

A few other quality of life changes have also been made to accommodate for newer features, such as Fallout 4’s power armour jetpack.

For a peek at what the mod has in store for you, check out this video:

In order to install the mod, you’ll need a copy of Fallout 4 with all of its DLC packs, plus the mod “Extended Dialogue Interface” by reg2k and Neanka.

Once you’ve got it, simply head over to the new riverboat landing south of the Commonwealth’s South Boston High School in order to get started.

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