Skyrim modder gives you the chance to become Jarl of Solitude via a turn-based minigame

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An image of Solitude in Skyrim.

While they can become a thane and gain even more acclaim by defeating nemeses like Alduin and the ebony warrior in combat, Skyrim’s Dragonborn never quite reaches the status of ruler by the time the game ends.

Perhaps this isn't surprising, after all, who would trust someone who can’t stop casting spells on chickens or is being hunted down by bloodthirsty couriers with the lives of citizens?

Well, it seems that one Skyrim modder would, having seemingly put together an interesting mod that allows everyone’s favourite shouty warrior to take charge of the province’s capital.

Ever fancied yourself as one of Skyrim’s rulers?

The mod in question is called ‘Jarl Of Solitude’ and is the work of modder kp40az, whose previous work has attempted to give the Dragonborn a regular nine to five job and made their destruction magic do a bit more damage.

This time, they’ve aimed to add a turn-based resource management minigame into the world of Skyrim that’ll come close to emulating the daily responsibilities of being the Jarl of Solitude.

From constructing new buildings and exporting goods to commanding raids and setting local taxes, all of your favourite important personal activities are here and will be necessary to help make money for the city and keep public opinion of your leadership sky-high.

That said, don’t worry about having to face the guillotine if you’re not a natural right out of the gate, as the mod doesn’t have revolutions as a feature as of yet. The most backlash you’ll face for your incompetence might be some rude comments as you walk around town.

This might be worse if you head into Stormcloak territory though. The mod adds you to the Imperial government faction, meaning your holiday to Windhelm might end in rather bloody fashion.

When you’re not being heckled in the street or getting punched by angry nords, you’ll be in your Jarl’s office managing tasks like those listed above on a daily basis, with each day seemingly acting as a turn of sorts and a book updating with stat-based reports on how things are going.


If you fancy giving governorship a go, there are a number of other mods that you’ll need to grab first, with ‘Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice’, ‘SkyUI’ and the Skyrim Script Extender all being requirements.

Regardless of whether you’re now busy trying on crowns for size, make sure to follow us for more updates on The Elder Scrolls 6 and the wacky world of Skyrim modding.

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