Skyrim player shocked as courier seemingly sends hitman after them

An image of a courier in Skyrim.

An image of a courier in Skyrim.

When they’re not mucking around, creating hilariously broken potions or struggling to figure out puzzles, Skyrim players love a spot of reading.

After all, how are you supposed to relax after taking your combat skills to the next level by battling some tough bandits, draugr or dragons without your trusty copy of The Lusty Argonian Maid?

That said, sometimes it’s nice to read something fresh for a change, which is why many players love a visit from a letter-bearing courier. However, it seems that one player on Reddit has had a far less pleasant encounter with one of the province’s postmen.

Have you ever wronged one of Skyrim’s infamous couriers?

This event is the topic of a recent thread in the Skyrim subreddit, which began with a post from the poor player in question, user Shadowhawk0304, who shared a screenshot of a threatening letter they’d received, which suggests one of the game’s couriers to have taken a leaf out of their Fallout New Vegas compatriot’s murderous book, simply captioning it: “The courier put (out) a hit on me.”

Some of their fellow players attempted to act out how they thought the hit would go down based on the default dialogue of couriers, with user CursedWithLore saying: “‘Got something I'm supposed to deliver’: *pulls out gun*.” and cullobsidian_ adding: “‘Let's see here…’ *ebony dagger to the throat*.”

Others wondered what could have inspired the courier’s sudden turn to the dark side, with user ShadowAgent41 speculating: “The courier doesn't really have a home or a place to store his items. You must've pickpocketed something from him.”, leading Shadowhawk0304 to admit: “Yeah that’s what I think I did. I think I must’ve seen something while pickpocketing him.”

Sadly, user TyrionBean didn’t rate the chances of getting the courier to disclose how they’d been wronged very highly, saying: “And when you confront him with the note and (say) ‘What the hell do you know about this??’, (he’ll say) ‘Nope. Sorry. Nothing.’”

Meanwhile, some other players seemed to think the vendetta might be due to Shadowhawk0304’s Dragonborn’s non-lore-friendly name, with user VillainNotHeroes saying: “I'm so amused that your character's name is just Fred”, prompting the poster to respond: “I once had a character called Steve. I like weird names like that.”

Regardless of whether you think Steve is a good name for a Skyrim character, make sure to follow us for more updates on The Elder Scrolls 6 and the wacky world of Skyrim modding.

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