Skyrim player accidentally creates broken health potion that’s actually poison

An image of a broken potion in Skyrim.

An image of a broken potion in Skyrim.

Taking up alchemy can be a pretty shrewd move for any Skyrim player looking for an extra edge in combat or a quick way out of trouble if a spot of crime goes awry.

Then again, not every potion you produce will be fit to swig before running into a fight with an entire dungeon’s worth of bandits armed with nothing but a wooden sword, even if they do make it harder for said ruffians to see the ill-equipped menace attacking them.

That said, sometimes things go so wrong at the mortar and pestle stage that the created concoction ends up with side effects that aren’t useful at all, turning a health potion into a very effective poison.

Have you ever created a ridiculously broken Skyrim potion?

Such an incident is the subject of a recent thread in the Skyrim subreddit, began with a post from an amateur alchemist, user Delux_Takeover, who shared a screenshot of an their character suffering from a complete lack of stamina regeneration scheduled to last for 240k in-game hours, courtesy of a defective health potion they’d created.

Their fellow players seemed to find their suffering pretty amusing, with user SurpriseFun4146 quipping: “Looks like someone’s waking up on a cart In Helgen soon” and Moonlit_Hearth adding: “Thanks for the laugh, it actually made my day.”

Meanwhile, Delux_Takeover attempted to explain how they’d ended up in this situation, recalling: “I didn't intend to drink the potion. It was labelled as a fortify health potion, which it was, but I was mid-battle and went to drink one that I made that made my health points (hit) 400 for 60 seconds. I fumbled and clicked the wrong one.”

Thankfully, a number of users stepped up to suggest possible solutions to the issue, with Evilstampy99 saying: “My best guess is that you should use a potion of cure poison.” and
Moonlit_Hearth returning to recommend: “You can create a 100% stamina increase potion too.”

On the other hand, user darthjenkins joked: “Wait 24 hours 10,031 times. Easy peasy Argonesey.” and deepfriedschemes recommended looking on the bright side, remarking: “It will wear off in time for Elder Scrolls 6.”

However, Delux_Takeover ended up opting for none of these solutions, instead turning to enchanting and crafting some boots that would fortify their stamina massively and offset the potion.

Regardless of whether this is what you’d have decided on, make sure to follow us for more updates on The Elder Scrolls 6 and the wacky world of Skyrim modding.

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