Bored Skyrim player uses sigil stone to create their own basketball minigame

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An image of someone balling out in Skyrim.

When they’re not battling foes like Alduin and the ebony warrior or going off on heroic adventures, Skyrim’s Dragonborn seemingly also has time to get caught up in a litany of weird and wacky scenarios.

From magically motivated chases with chickens and minor naming mix-ups to massacring an entire village using only the power of dabbing, the list is almost endless.

The most recent of these strange sequences of events to hit Reddit is just as outlandish as those that have gone before it, with one player having rectified a spot of ennui by picking up a priceless artefact from Oblivion and deciding to ball out.

Have you ever come up with a strange or unique Skyrim challenge?

The thread containing their attempt to magically morph into Michael Jordan on the Skyrim subreddit began with a post from the player in question, user Justnotyourbro, who shared a clip of themselves using telekinesis to jump shot the stone through a slot above a doorway at the College of Winterhold, captioning it: “Got bored so I started shooting hoops with the Sigil Stone.”

Naturally, their fellow players heartily approved of their misuse of magical props, with user Iris-on-Reddit declaring it “a proper pastime for an Arch Mage,” and many referencing YouTuber mans1ay3r’s infamous Jarl Ballin’ rap, which sees Whiterun’s ruler be transformed into an important figure in the modern hip hip scene.

Others attempted to visualise the effect that Justnotyourbro could have on the province if they decided to form a team to play alongside, with user TouchME_11935 saying: “Introducing tonight's teams, the Winterhold Wizards led by Captain Savage Savos, against (The) Whiterun Wild Wolves, led by Aela the Dunktress.”

On the other hand, some were a little more cautious about embracing the arrival of ball sports in Tamriel, with user olld-onne suggesting that using the sigil stone in that manner might invoke the wrath of Mehrunes Dagon and RevynnStark warning: “That hits somebody and they’re gonna fight you. Learned it the hard way with a cabbage once in Riften.”

Regardless of how you feel about the prospect of Skyrim’s civil war being settled via a pick-up game, make sure to follow us for more updates on The Elder Scrolls 6 and the wacky world of Skyrim modding.

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