Ninja thinks people are sleeping on an underrated Fortnite gun

An image of Ninja.

An image of Ninja.

Streamer Ninja is Fortnite royalty to many, with fans following his every move in the hopes that he’ll review one of the game’s guns or drop another celebrity-filled stream in it.

While Dr Disrespect has recently switched things up by returning to PUBG and trying out his own game, the blue-haired one is still plugging away on the battle bus, trying out the newest items to see if they’re worth adding to his arsenal.

However, it seems a recent battle royale session has convinced him that players should give more love to a weapon that’s been in the game for a good while.

Blue-haired streamer attempts to wake up the masses

Taking to Twitter, Ninja declared: “the DMR in Fortnite is lowkey slept on”, before leaving without elaborating any further.

Naturally, this statement caused a social media stir, with many fans and other content creators lining up to throw in their opinions on the sniper rifle.

For instance, fellow Twitch streamer Thiefs responded: “the gun is crazy but (only) 1/10 shots in the clip hit the enemy”, while competitive Fortnite player Reverse2k simply said: “nahhh.”

Streamer Rejuvenate offered a slightly more nuanced explanation of the gun’s pros and cons, saying: “(The) DMR is honestly slept on because no one really knows how to use it. It’s like the sniper, everyone runs it, but can’t hit shots, so they use it to destroy builds.”

Ninja’s fans seemed just as divided over the gun as these creators, with user @iGirlyBella declaring: “DMR > SMG offspawn anyday”, while @abhamDiaz shared a stock image of someone slumbering soundly and captioned it: “how I sleep knowing I don't use the Fortnite DMR.”

Meanwhile, user @ESKKortez advocated for a different gun, saying in response to Ninja’s claim: “Maybe in no-builds and against bad players, because when the gun hits it hits like a truck. But if you’re fighting against a good player who has an AUG, you’ll lose that (battle) 9/10 (times).”

Some users, it seems, weren’t keen to get involved in the debate, instead suggesting that both Ninja himself and his Fortnite icon skin are slept on.

Regardless of whether you think a man with 23.9 million subscribers can accurately be described as ‘slept on’, make sure to follow us for more updates on both Fortnite and popular streamers like Ninja and Dr Disrespect.

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