Ninja Teases Another Stream With Drake, Travis Scott and JuJu Smith-Schuster

An image of Ninja and Drake in Fortnite.

An image of Ninja and Drake in Fortnite.

Blue-haired streamer Ninja has played Fortnite with just about everyone at this point, from DJ Marshmello to UFC Fighter Sean O’Malley.

However, now it seems that the streamer might have his sights set on returning to the game with a few familiar famous friends in tow.

Remember a certain big stream in 2018 that helped launch the blue-haired one to fame? Well, one of the parties involved fancies running it back.

Could We See Another Big Celebrity-Filled Stream From Ninja Soon?

Taking to Twitter NFL Wide Receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster posted a couple of screenshots from a 2018 stream starring himself, Ninja and rappers Drake and Travis Scott, tagging the others, plus the official Epic Games and Fortnite accounts and saying: “One of the craziest nights in gaming history! Can’t believe this was four years ago. We need to run it back!”

Ninja himself retweeted this tweet, declining to add any additional commentary of his own, but seemingly showing he’d be down for a rerun.

If this rerun could garner anywhere near the reception of the original, it would seem to be a pretty shrewd move for the streamer, with the 2018 edition having provided a key milestone in Ninja’s rise to streaming dominance.

It did this partially by breaking the Twitch concurrent viewership record of the time for non-esports tournament-based content, peaking at 635k viewers, easily eclipsing the previous record of 388k viewers, which were attracted by Dr Disrespect’s return to streaming to face League of Legends streamer Tyler1 following a break to focus on family.

It also provided the viewing public with several new and interesting facts about Drake, who confirmed he knew what League of Legends was, revealed he was a vegetarian and also said ‘God’s Plan’ while reviving Travis Scott.

No matter whether we’re in for a stream with this many scandalous divulgences this time Ninja might be seeing the opportunity to make some content with his celebrity pals as a bit of a break from competitive play, having recently suffered defeats in both a League of Legends showdown with YouTuber MrBeast and Dr Disrespect’s ‘Hot Shot Duo Drop’ Fortnite event.

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