Dr Disrespect’s Midnight Society Gives Players First Look At Deadrop

A photo of Dr Disrespect at the Midnight Society event.
Credit: Dr Disrespect on Twitter.

A photo of Dr Disrespect at the Midnight Society event.
Credit: Dr Disrespect on Twitter.

Moustachioed streamer Dr Disrespect’s game studio, Midnight Society, has given players access to the first build of its heavily hyped game, which had previously only been known by its codename, ‘Project Moon’.

Now, the so-called “vertical extraction shooter” has a proper name, having been christened Deadrop by Midnight Society, which appears to be delivering on its previously announced roadmap for the game.

However, it seems this first look at the title is garnering a mixed reception on social media, with many suggesting that it doesn’t quite deliver on Dr Disrespect’s fairly hyperbolic comments from the past few months.

First Players Gain Access To Streamer’s FPS

The “snapshot” build drawing these mixed reactions was unveiled to the project’s contributors or ‘variants’ at an event in Los Angeles, with the name also being revealed for the first time.

On Twitter, Midnight Society studio head Robert Bowling suggested that the big reveal had gone exactly as planned, saying: “It’s impossible to describe the feeling in that room last night. A sense of connectivity, passion, and common purpose.”

Dr Disrespect himself shared similar sentiments, saying: “I woke up this morning feeling so damn good. Thinking about what can transpire from Deadrop over the next few years. Long road ahead, with a HUGE vision.”

On the other hand, many social media users didn’t seem too impressed with the version of the game showcased in comparison to the claims made by Dr Disrespect in a now-deleted tweet, which saw the streamer suggest that it would graphically improve on the Call of Duty series’ current offerings.

Having received some backlash from the streamer’s fans for calling this out and comparing the gameplay shown to Call of Duty mobile, games journalist Tom Henderson defended these assertions by saying: “I know the game has been in development for six months. I'm pointing out that the creator said it looks better than Call of Duty, which it clearly doesn't and that's it.”

The title’s short development time is possibly reflected in the content of the snapshot, which consists only of a player hideout and two firing ranges designed to allow players to test the game’s first assault rifle

Midnight Society outlined in a blog post that this build, which is only available to those who purchased one of the game’s NFT-inspired ‘Founders Access Passes’, is primarily designed to “establish the foundation for core player movement, weapon systems, and to introduce an environment in which to test the first weapon.”

If you’re one of these individuals, you can download the snapshot, which has some pretty hefty minimum PC requirements, via the profile page given to you upon purchasing the pass.

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