Dr Disrespect returns to PUBG, instantly starts dishing out 360 kills

An image of Dr Disrespect.
Credit: Dr Disrespect on YouTube.

Having recently unveiled the first snapshot of Midnight Society’s upcoming title, Deadrop, moustachioed streamer Dr Disrespect is seemingly using some other FPS games to get some practice in before he properly dives into his own creation.

Currently on the menu is a return to PUBG, a game the Doc has quit and gone back to multiple times in recent years, demonstrating the same love-hate relationship with it that he seems to have with games like Call of Duty Warzone.

Thankfully for the disrespectful one, it looks like his knack for the game hasn’t gone walkabouts during his hiatus, something the streamer has taken to Twitter to showcase.

The Doc returns to the battlegrounds

Sharing a clip of himself making the game winning play in a PUBG match, Dr Disrespect declared: “Am I still throwing 360s out to win PUBG games in 2022? Absolutely.”

This display seemed to impress a slew of other content creators, with streamer WackyJacky101 replying to it: “Doc fires up PUBG after a break from the game and instantly takes the #1 spot as the best PUBG sniper again! Unbelievable” and UK streamer DeanoSauruz attempting to bag a collab by sharing one of his own snipes and asking: “when (are) we gonna duo?”

Canadian Twitch streamer Halifax also got in on the content creator congratulating, saying: “nobody does it better! Still the best BR and it isn't even close.”

Meanwhile, a number of the Doc’s fans responded with clips of his best kills from previous visits to PUBG, plus a few from other games, such as a Call of Duty kill which saw user @layer_cake declare: “nothing tops the ‘360 into face mask put on’ snipe shot in Warzone tho.”

However, PUBG partnered streamer SKATEric though he had even that shot beaten with his own trickshot, sharing a clip and saying: “360s are cool and all… but have you ever seen a 720 Chicken Dinner?”

Sadly, this seemed unlikely to sway any Disrespect stans, with user @Charlie6Romeo musing about the Doc’s kill: “The world already knows that no one else does it better than you, Doc. This is like watching Picasso paint, Mozart compose music, or Shakespeare write.”

Regardless of whether you think a 360 PUBG snipe can be compared to Hamlet, make sure to follow us for more updates on popular streamers like Ninja and Dr Disrespect.

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