Ninja Tests Out "Gnarly" New Fortnite LMG

An image of the Fortnite LMG.

An image of the Fortnite LMG.

Streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has reviewed Fortnite’s new LMG, unvaulted in the V20.20 hotfix, and he thinks it’s ok.

Ninja, famous for playing the likes of Fortnite, Halo, and Apex Legends, began a four-hour stream on April 26 by signalling his intention to find out if the new gun was in fact ‘meta’ by utilising it during a session of everyone’s favourite battle royale game.

At first employing the LMG as part of a loadout also containing a long-range burst assault rifle and a shotgun, the streamer temporarily switched to only using the LMG in order to get a feel for it.

Ninja Tests New Fortnite LMG

If you want a look at the gun in action, check out this clip that Ninja posted on Twitter, which seemingly summarises his thoughts on the gun:

So, what’s the verdict? Well, it’s seemingly pretty good, with the LMG having some strengths but also not matching up to guns like the burst assault rifle in other areas.

At first, the streamer was surprised by the differences in damage and accuracy between the new LMG and the gun’s previous iteration in Fortnite, saying “they’ve completely reworked this”.

After using it to get a short-range kill on another player, Ninja praised how the gun sounds, describing it as “gnarly”, before also praising its accuracy following another kill, saying: “oh my god, it’s nothing like we’ve ever seen”.

The streamer then began to evaluate how he’ll use the gun as part of his loadout, saying: “it definitely isn’t an SMG, I’ll be using this as an AR”

He also concluded that for long-range kills, the burst assault rifle or ‘AUG’ is still a better option, saying: “ok, so the AUG is still king”, before adding that the LMG might be better for medium-range engagements.

You can get your hands on the new LMG in-game by looking on the ground or via both normal and rare chests, as well as supply drops and sharks.

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