Modern Warfare 2 players claim Infinity Ward prioritises Warzone over MW2

Modern Warfare 2 Ghost and Warzone 2 player wearing helmet
Credit: Activision

Modern Warfare 2 Ghost and Warzone 2 player wearing helmet
Credit: Activision

Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward has plenty on its plate. Following the launch of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, there’s plenty of content to play ranging from the usual dose of fast-paced multiplayer and battle royale action.

After the developer revealed Season Two has received a delay, multiplayer fans are growing tired of updates constantly breaking the game and encountering game-breaking bugs stopping players from earning XP.

With Infinity Ward teasing plenty of changes to Warzone 2, the developer fails to tease any content arriving in Modern Warfare 2. As a result, players are starting to believe the developer prioritises the battle royale instead of multiplayer.

Is Modern Warfare 2 already dead?

Following the announcement, Reddit user booostd shared their frustrations surrounding the lack of intel on what the Season Two update has in store for multiplayer and special ops. “It’s so annoying that the free-to-play Warzone is their main priority and not the $70 game I paid for.”

As expected, plenty of debate ensued in the comments. The majority agree with the sentiment of Warzone 2 leading the Call of Duty charge ahead of MW2. “They don’t care about MP,” says one user. “Ground War is in an awful state.”

Others are concerned about the future of DMZ, a mode currently in beta. “I’m curious about how DMZ goes long term. With no auction house or economy, there doesn’t feel like much incentive to play,” says one fan. DMZ Is in the same boat as MW2. With all resources going to address the problems affecting Warzone 2, there’s a chance multiplayer and the exfil mode continue their downward trajectory.

On the bright side, Infinity Ward confirms MW2 ranked play is on the way in Season Two alongside some new maps and weapons.

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